The Shutdown Hits Home

Friends, in his own opinion, ProfessorRoush has done an exceptional job at Garden Musings, avoiding any mention of politics here over the now 3+ years I’ve blogged. Only those who know my tendency to rant over seemingly minute issues can fathom what a struggle that has been, but I’m going to make an exception today. The dam has broken. […]

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Weeds are for Eating!

Last month found me driving north through the Salinas Valley, a long, narrow lowland known to many as the “salad bowl of the world.” I was on my way to give a presentation on edible weeds at the National Heirloom Expo. As my husband drove, I couldn’t help noticing...

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Elizabeth Gilbert’s Novel of Botanical Exploration

  When I ran into Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the megahit Eat, Pray, Love and five other books, at a party earlier this year, she wanted to talk about only one thing: botany. Her new novel, The Signature of All Things, was working its way to publication and I...

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The “Queen of Green”? You be the Judge

Cheap-shot alert!  Because yes, we’re all sent cheesey emails from publicists that could be posted here for a laugh.  So we resist-resist-resist until along comes one that makes me say HOLD ON, I can’t stand it any longer; this one MUST BE MOCKED. I’ll used italics to highlight the...

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A Tale of Two Gardens

I have two gardens and can barely keep up with one. The first garden is in Louisville, where Rose and I have lived for 18 years. It’s on a one-third acre city lot, down the street from the Olmsted-designed Cherokee Park. It’s planted with perennials, trees, shrubs, and a...

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66 Square Feet–We Have a Winner!

Thanks to everyone for your comments on Marie Viljoen’s post on foraged greens and her new book.  Our winner, chosen at random, is one of the Jennifers, and Jennifer, you know who you are because we have already sent you an email.  Thanks for your comment, “Forager’s field greens?...

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Native Plants are a Moral Choice

Guest Rant by Benjamin Vogt It’s late July and I’ve finally seen my first monarch butterfly, but only after the Liatris ligulistylis started blooming. This is a very, very late start. In 2010 I raised 200 from egg to wing, then in 2011 a solid 150, last year only...

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Have Scythe, Will Farm

I recently woke up with a badly aching right elbow. In fact, I could barely use my arm. Must be Lyme disease, I concluded. Pain in the joints is a primary symptom and I knew I’d been bitten by at least one tick since we purchased a farm property...

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Please Call them Vegetables–and a Giveaway!

  It started with the pigweed that came up in the rose pot on the edge of my terrace. I didn’t know it was pigweed (and even “pigweed” is problematic since the common name belongs to more than one plant). But eventually I whittled down the rose-invader’s ID to...

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Late season observations

Double lilies I’m sold. I first posted images of these here last month, when they had already been blooming for a week or so. Well, they’re still blooming and I can envision at least a week more. That’s 5-6 weeks of flowering and scent from a lily plant—enough for...

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I like stick-and-ball games as much as anybody else. Leaving the ball out entirely and just using the stick has panache, but bumps the odds of either an arrest or a visit to the hospital. Or both. Golf is unique among stick and ball games. Why? It has holes,...

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(Not So) Helpful Helpers in the Garden

Guest Rant by Wendy Kiang-Spray It was a casual and calm Sunday afternoon. My husband had just finished mowing the lawn and taking the trash out. He had a particularly energetic afternoon and if I recall, he’d taken some fallen branches to the curb too. He came in, fixed...

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Find a Great Novel at Your Local Botanical Garden

  This just in:  On Friday Sept. 6, five botanical gardens will be hiding copies of Elizabeth Gilbert’s new novel, “The Signature of All Things,” all across their grounds. The participating gardens will be: New Jersey Skylands, Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, Coral Gables Botanical Gardens, New York Botanical Gardens...

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eBooks in Bloom

Hey!  Did you know that Timber Press offers up three titles a month in ebook form for $3.99 or less?  You can buy them in a whole bunch of different formats and read them on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or dedicated ereader. Here’s the latest batch, and it...

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Weeds of Affection and Perpetual Annoyance

“Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them.” –Eeyore Mulberry weed is an unwelcome guest that I can’t shake loose. The trouble is: the Mulberry weed doesn’t travel alone. I’d like to get rid of them all, but there is no end to mulberry weed. In a...

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Arrested Development

It’s a term that might best describe gardening in the South. It might best describe all things Southern, come to think of it … but that’s a topic for another blog. By arrested development, I mean that moment in time when forward movement and evolution stop. Just stop. In...

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Knocked Out—and not in a good way

I suppose that I should have expected it. Once ‘Knock Out’ roses became ubiquitous in the suburban landscapes of America and moved beyond usefulness to cliché, I should have known that this paradigm-changing rose was inevitably destined to be even more misused, abused, and perverted; that it would be used in manners so hideous as to defy the imaginations...

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Want your kids to play outside? Rip out the lawn!

Guest Rant by Pam Penick Lawns are for kids, right? After all, they need that big, green carpet to enjoy the outdoors. Would it be an exaggeration to say it borders on neglect not to keep a lawn for your children or grandchildren to play on? Some people think...

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Adventures in Gardening? Define “Adventure.”

  I got a press release this morning from the people at the UK-based After5.TV advertising a new show called “Adventures in Gardening” that will air online for a fee.  You get “10 Action-Packed Episodes” for $31. The show is hosted by Tony Buckland, a garden expert and popular...

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Smart Remarks from the Seasonal Department, or How to Not Get Promoted at the Big Box Retailer

Following years of selling to and then working for independent garden centers and landscapers, I went to work for a mass merchandizer – the seasonal department of Home Depot, the other half of the retail horticulture industry.  It was a great place to try out comedic patter, or just...

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