Catching the Runaway Boy Goat

I could begin this story enumerating all the reasons people told us not to buy goats. They’re always trying to escape. They smell. They’ll jump on your car and wreck it. “Goats get up in the morning thinking of new ways to make your life miserable,” said our friend Gini, an old hand at farmsteading. […]

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Someone, Please, Turn Up the Lights

Every year, I go to my local flower and garden show and contort my body into weird yoga poses that don’t exist. Why? Well, it’s not because I’m stretching (which would probably be good for my back) but because I’m trying to get a good look at the plants...

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Batman and Poison Ivy’s Leaves

The weeds and botanical inaccuracies have also entered the world of comics. In 1966, Batman had a new nemesis, Poison Ivy, a botanist turned bad. (Brilliant!, says the botanist and author of this blog.) The poison ivy plant is one of the most obnoxious weeds of North America. Issue...

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Wintering Over in the Garden Center

Business is slow.  This is the reason some garden centers here in Massachusetts close until April, but there is so much to do here before then.  In between selling carts of wood and the occasional orchid or pot of paper whites, while we water what’s left of the rosemary...

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Hey, Pantone! Roy G. Biv called; he wants his rainbow back.

Color trending is silly by definition, but it’s a way to make a living. I have followed Pantone’s (and Color Marketing Group’s) successive “colors of the year” for over a decade now. Every year, a color—with maybe a secondary color—is picked, and then touted among home design and fashion...

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What Does YOUR Tree Say About YOU?

We are what we eat, right? What we wear says a lot about us, doesn’t it? Basically, everything we put out into the world says something about who we are, and people are reading those cues all of the time. So during this holiday season, I did a thing...

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Garden in a gun

While some conspiracy theorists believe that shadow organizations such as the Illuminati or the New World Order or the American military-industrial complex are heck-bent on taking over our lives, ProfessorRoush has long suspected that marketing groups are the real shadow organizations that will bring about the downfall of civilization.  After all, they’ve already convinced...

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Pink for a Girl

It was a shock to the senses, when I looked for a ‘Baby Shower’ gift recently, and found that the world had suddenly become divided into pale pink and powder blue – gender stereotyping clearly begins at birth. Clothes, toys and accessories were all sorted by colour into male...

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Wildflowers in December

A lot of us gardening addicts think we live in our own little particularized universe, isolated by our allegiance to perennials, seeds, bulbs, vines, compost, mulch, pruners, trowels, and topsoil. Nobody we know cares about gardening as much as we do. I know I feel that way. That’s why,...

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The Pentagon’s Memorial Landscape

I recently ventured to Virginia to a place I’d never been before – the Pentagon Memorial to the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attack.  Its design by two young architects had been selected in a heated international competition by a group that included family members of the victims, as...

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Evil, Frivolous Gardener!!!

I am ruining the world. Because I like pretty plants. Because I practice the dubious art of ornamental gardening. Yes – I admit it. I have planted non-native exotic species in my garden. I have planted them in gardens of others. I am one of those thoughtless, arrogant gardeners...

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Look at My Big Rock

Not the kind that goes on your finger. We’re talking boulders here, folks. Specifically, one large boulder in the middle of a lawn. What’s up with that? What statement is it making? Is it being displayed as a natural sculpture? Is it being used to add a little textural...

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A Flower Show at the End of the World

Enjoy a photo-travelogue by our guest Rob Cardillo! This past October, I was lucky enough to attend Japan’s fourth annual Gardening World Cup set in Huis Ten Bosch  –  a slightly surreal, Dutch-inspired theme park complete with canals, windmills and stroopwafels.   Invited by the sponsors to come see one...

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One step ahead of the garden police

I never liked Japanese barberry shrubs anyway. They do not have pretty flowers. They smell bad, as in, cat urine bad. They have vicious thorns that really hurt whenever I tried to prune them or to weed in their vicinity. I never could understand why folks planted them. So last year, armed with...

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Posted by Barbara Conner on November 11, 2013 at 8:10 am   This post has 22 responses.

Fall Color Marred by Cleavage

Guest Rant by Wendy Kiang-Spray I am not an arborist.  Nor am I a landscape architect, city planner, neighborhood developer, or anything of the sort. This is why I’m so confused about the planting of large trees under phone and power lines.  Throughout my neighborhood, these trees grow so...

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Scary House

Since we don’t know each other very well, I am going to start my association with the venerable Garden Rant with a confession. My house is the “Scary House” It wasn’t ALWAYS like that. My garden was gorgeous! It’s been in magazines and books! My garden was in Martha...

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GardenRant Announces New Partners!

Since 2006 GardenRant has been the work of four opinionated gardeners doing their best to “uproot the gardening world,” with occasional help from guests adding their voices to the mix.  But now that’s changed, with the addition of three new GardenRant partners as regular Voices over there in the...

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The perils of giving and receiving garden criticism

I can’t get this provocative post by Anne Wareham out of my  mind.  (It’s on the U.K.’s Think in Gardens – highly recommended!)  It seems that a well-known gardener was shocked to read criticism of her garden, which criticism was so well known that Anne was shocked that the...

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Garden Design Mag is Back and Totally Different!

Once a fan of Garden Design Magazine, I came to dislike it enough to ask for my unused subscription money back after it changed its target audience to the rich and beautiful people of Southern California, with their $1,000 patio chairs and al fresco dinner parties.  So I wasn’t...

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Vegetable Thief Master Class

How many freaking watermelons does one thief need?  FIVE.  The answer is FIVE. What chafes me most is that the stuff wasn’t ripe!  Stealing vegetables is tacky and unethical, but at least you should know what you are doing!  I could live in denial about the tomatoes.  But the...

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Posted by Rebecca Caley on October 9, 2013 at 11:31 am   This post has 36 responses.
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