Chicken Books!

This ran last week on Kirkus Review's garden blog–do go check that out.  And today on Kirkus Reviews see Michele's article about The Aphorists. I am one of those crazy chicken owners who owns more books about chickens than actual chickens.  In fact, the ratio right now is three to one in favor of the […]

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Getting weird and funky with Chanticleer, a Pleasure Garden

Here's my most recent review for Kirkus, and today they've posted Amy's review of chicken books. “Neither a museum nor a great plodding institution, Chanticleer is a gardener’s garden,” says Adrian Higgins about what he and garden photographer Rob Cardillo and this blogger and horticulturists all over the world...

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Celebrating an unapologetic ornamentalist

Here's my Kirkus column from last week. Check here for Susan's post on Chanticleer. For the past couple years, I’ve been fighting a feeling that I’m being left behind by the gardening world as part of a forgotten minority. The hottest trends have passed me by. I don’t grow...

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Those evil vines

Here's last week's Kirkus post. And be sure to read Susan's post today about the art of gardening. I had been meaning to write about Allan Armitage's vines and climbers book for some time. In my small garden, sometimes the only way to go is up, so I've been...

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