Behind the Scenes: Making a Video Trailer for a Gardening Book

Though it’s no longer a new idea, it seems odd to me that a gardening book would have a video trailer. How can a video—a very different medium—give a taste of what readers might experience? On the other hand, videos lend drama to their subjects, and though I’d hope a book would have more than […]

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Elizabeth Gilbert’s Novel of Botanical Exploration

  When I ran into Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the megahit Eat, Pray, Love and five other books, at a party earlier this year, she wanted to talk about only one thing: botany. Her new novel, The Signature of All Things, was working its way to publication and I...

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66 Square Feet–We Have a Winner!

Thanks to everyone for your comments on Marie Viljoen’s post on foraged greens and her new book.  Our winner, chosen at random, is one of the Jennifers, and Jennifer, you know who you are because we have already sent you an email.  Thanks for your comment, “Forager’s field greens?...

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Please Call them Vegetables–and a Giveaway!

  It started with the pigweed that came up in the rose pot on the edge of my terrace. I didn’t know it was pigweed (and even “pigweed” is problematic since the common name belongs to more than one plant). But eventually I whittled down the rose-invader’s ID to...

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Find a Great Novel at Your Local Botanical Garden

  This just in:  On Friday Sept. 6, five botanical gardens will be hiding copies of Elizabeth Gilbert’s new novel, “The Signature of All Things,” all across their grounds. The participating gardens will be: New Jersey Skylands, Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, Coral Gables Botanical Gardens, New York Botanical Gardens...

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eBooks in Bloom

Hey!  Did you know that Timber Press offers up three titles a month in ebook form for $3.99 or less?  You can buy them in a whole bunch of different formats and read them on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or dedicated ereader. Here’s the latest batch, and it...

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Win a bouquet from an American Rose Farm – and keep Valentine’s Day local

by Debra Prinzing  Read on to WIN ONE DOZEN AMERICAN ROSES Post a comment here about why American-grown flowers are important to you! You might just win one dozen gorgeous roses from Oregon or California! We have rose donations from Eufloria Flowers and Peterkort Roses. Two winners will be...

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woo-woo back atcha, margaret roach

Margaret Roach’s blog tour for her new book “Backyard Parables” has been going strong for two weeks, and I’m kinda late to the party.  But like any opinionated gardenblogger, I have things to say. At first I was confused by the title but soon learned that this book is...

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Loads of Garden-Related eBooks for $1.99

If you’re sitting around in a post-holiday daze, wondering what to load onto the new ereader/tablet/laptop/smartphone you just got over the holidays, I have an answer!  To my delight, my publisher Algonquin has put a ton of ebooks on sale today.  Here’s a list of all the garden/nature titles...

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Drunken Botanist: The Video

Thanks once again to my Hollywood brother for this one, who actually managed to cast an actor to do most of the heavy lifting.

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Loving David Culp’s Layered Garden. Scheming to see the garden.

I’d never heard of perennials expert David Culp until his long-awaited book finally came out and I started seeing raves everywhere.  Then I learned that garden centers up and down the East Coast have long been fans of David through his work for Sunny Border Nurseries, a respected perennials...

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My Dirty Little Secret

Dear Penthouse Letters: I never thought it could happen to me. I mean, me? S&M? NO WAY. Then I realized… Gardening, for me, was masochism. It’s true. For years, I was a virtual slave to plants I lusted after but couldn’t grow. How voluptuous were lilacs and peonies when...

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Marijuana growers and users “fired up,” too!

Marijuana’s Going Legal Hard to believe, but America’s long prohibition against marijuana may be coming to an end, at least in places like Colorado and Washington State, both of which voted this week to legalize pot.  And that’s for recreation, not for any medical purpose, real or phony.  In...

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The State of Cannabis-Growing Literature

Ranter James Rousch recently lamented that Garden Literature is going Up in Smoke, based on his count of 87 pot-growing books currently on offer at the local Barnes and Noble.  I recently read one of them myself (to review, I swear!) – the excellent Supercharged from Timber Press, which...

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Seven Nature/Garden Ebooks for $1.99

Hey, good news! Algonquin Books has picked a whole bunch of garden and nature ebook titles for $1.99 for the entire month of July.   The list includes two books from Diana Wells–Lives of Trees and 100 Birds and How They Got Their Names–as well as three lovely escapist narratives: ...

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A Backlog of Books

  I’ve been in Portland for two months, living the good life as visiting faculty at Portland State University and occupying a swell apartment provided to me by Tin House.  I’m home now, but I’m nowhere near caught up.  Anyway, there are four books on my desk that I...

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Michelle Obama’s American Grown

You don’t have to be a gardener or a even Democrat to love Michelle Obama’s first book – American Grown, the Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across American – like I do.  Caring about the health of our kids and of the land helps, though....

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Real People, Real Flowers: More 50-Mile Bouquet Fabulousness

Please welcome Debra Prinzing, author of The 50 Mile Bouquet, a documentary-style book that takes a fascinating and in-depth look at local, not global, flower-growing.  We’re giving another copy away, but you’re going to have to work for it–Debra asks you to post a photo of one of your own bouquets online...

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Another Terrific Botanical Read for $1.99

This just in:  as part of Algonquin’s monthly round of $1.99 ebook deals, you can get Lucinda Fleeson’s WAKING UP IN EDEN for $1.99 in any of a number of ebook formats.  This deal is only good through April 22–sorry, I’m late getting the word out about this one–but it’s another great...

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Worms: A Love Affair

So several years ago, I wrote this book about worms.  There were no such books on worms at the time–in other words, there was no sort of narrative natural history that told the story of worms and earthworm science and the role that worms have played in ecology and...

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