Rick Darke’s updated The Wild Garden explains to me my own gardening philosophy and low-maintenance practices

I’m giving a big Thumb’s Up to Rick Darke‘s updating of William Robinson‘s classic The Wild Garden (Timber), now in its robust Second Printing.  What Darke has added are 100 of his own fabulous photos (the 1870 book uses illustrations), and plenty of his usual smart observations – this time about how important Robinson’s philosophy […]

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Creasy’s Edible Landscaping gets blockbuster treatment!

Good lord, what writer wouldn’t give their first born for this kind of coverage in the Washington Post?  But I think it’s proof that even a (probably) nongardening editor at the Post can be convinced that this book is important, and I agree.  Congrats to Ros and also to...

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The EasyBloom Report, Part 3: Fake Comments

Dear Companies Whose Products We Discuss on GardenRant, If you're going to post a comment in which you pretend to be an ordinary gardener who likes the product your company manufactures, thereby defending the product against the scorn or derision that has been heaped upon it by GardenRant and...

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Do Pros Understand Amateurs?

Check out this fantastic New York Times Magazine piece by Pete Wells about the nonsense professional chefs dish out to home cooks–namely, the idea that all the prep work must be accomplished before cooking can begin. The concept even has a French name, mise en place.  The problem is,...

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Review and Give-away: Energy-Wise Landscape Design

UPDATE:  Ramble-On Rose wins the book – congratulations!  The random number generator said "16" and her comment is the 16th.  Thanks to everyone for playing, and for your great comments. A furniture and harpsicord maker in rural Massachusetts takes up the study of landscape design, establishes a residential practice,...

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Energy-Wise Landscape Design

NOT just a book about planting trees for shade. NOTE TO ME – i LOVE THE LAWN STUFF BUT NOT THE NATIVE PLANT BS. Also, add lots of plants for cooling – as many large healthy ones as possible.  Good attention to soil.  Good on water efficiency. Construction.  Buying...

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Shop talk

That’s what a bloggers’ meet-up is good for. Not too many people here in Buffalo really want to hear my pet plant peeves—for very long anyway—but during last weekend’s Buffa10 meet-up, I was able to freely vent with such equally outspoken gardeners/garden writers as Susan Cohen, Michele Owens, and...

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The power of critical blogging

Freebies and samples come with rules in the blogging world. We must disclose that the products we are sent by companies came free of charge. More important, we have to review those products honestly. I’m not much of a tool person, so I tend to  give it to someone...

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Pearl Fryar, in Person

If you haven't seen the documentary A Man Named Pearl, it's worth subscribing to Netflix for because it's "the inspiring story of self-taught topiary artist Pearl Fryar….It offers an upbeat message that speaks to respect for both self and others, and shows what one person can achieve when he...

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10 Great Things about Gardening for a Lifetime

WE HAVE A WINNER: Congratulations to Cindy P! Sydney Eddison is my kind of garden writer, now passing along wisdom acquired from gardening for 50 years.  No BS, no rhetoric.  Trust this writer; she knows what she's talking about. Eddison's sixth book, Gardening for a Lifetime, is timely for...

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In Defense of TV Gardening Clothes

photo:  Fine Gardening magazine, June 2010 I enjoy a good rant about how gardens and gardeners are depicted in the media as much as anybody.  As you know, we are all about real, grubby, dirty and disheveled. But the talk about P. Allen Smith's clothes in last week's guest...

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The NYT Answers Your Questions on How to Grow Plants!

Wow!  Continuing its groundbreaking and award-winning coverage of all things horticultural, the New York Times' City Room will be answering your questions about–growing plants indoors!  At last, answers to the questions that have been hounding you for years about this vexing problem. Get over there now and submit your...

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Oh, Canada Blooms

CB display garden (detail) And oh garden shows. I get more pleasure looking at the first spring ephemerals emerging in my front yard than I do from most garden shows, but Canada Blooms in Toronto is always a temptation. Measured by attendance, CB is one of the big ones,...

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Review of Dr. T’s How to Keep a Naturalist’s Notebook

UPDATE:  Our winner is Lochlanina of Pieceful Slumber Guest Blogger Doug Jones reviews for us this lovely book by frequent Rant commenter Susan Tomlinson "Why is it so important that I draw?” I asked after looking through the table of contents of How to Keep a Naturalist’s Notebook and...

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Garden Bouquets with Suzy Bales:
Review and Giveaway

THE WINNER, randomly chosen, is Katie at The Garden of Words, who predicted she’d probably have to buy the book. Well, guess not. First, some photos from Garden Bouquets and Beyond by Suzy Bales of arrangements I might actually achieve. Hakonechloa grass looks great with blue or purple, including...

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Is This the 21-st Century Version of a WPA Project, or the Silliest-Looking Thing Ever?

The General Services Administration building in Portland is getting itself a — well, a — one of these.  You know, one of those 200 foot-tall green shag carpet things that you put on one side of your building and grow plants on. Those things. It's part of the stimulus...

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2009: the year in gardening

UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS to Ginny Stibolt, randomly chosen to receive the Flowerdew book—which is a really cool big illustrated volume from Mitchell Beasley, the company that did the Pavord bulb book. And thanks again to those who helped me with these picks.  Overall, it was a good year, with an...

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Martha Stewart gets fact-checked by hort professor

Look out, Martha, coz none other than award-winning hort professor Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott is watching you – and correcting your mistakes.  Take this interview you did for NPR.  Here's some of what Linda has this to say about it on her team blog. She's a proponent of organic food...

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“The World According to Monsanto”

You won't be surprised to hear that a documentary about the maker of PCBs, Agent Orange and Roundup has lots of shocking bits.  Monsanto falsely claimed that Roundup is biodegradable and a French court made them stop. In a more criminal move, Monsanto tried to bribe a Canadian health...

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Not even close

Personally, I couldn't care less whether there's a blue rose or not, but please don't try to pawn this off as one. Bleh!

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