Here’s someone who hasn’t lost his edge

Did you see the Renegade Gardener’s 2012 High Spot/Black Spot awards? I don’t always catch these, but Renegade Gardener Don Engebretson (award-winning Minnesota garden writer and designer) is recently a Facebook friend and that made it easier. There was much to love in this year’s batch of awards, but what I enjoy most are Engebretson’s […]

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Was Frederick Law Olmsted a Conservation Leader?

On a visit to the nearby Patuxent Wildlife Research Refuge, I stopped to read the signage about America’s “Conservation Leaders” and was surprised to see Frederick Law Olmsted right there, with Audubon, Thoreau, Jacques Cousteau and Morris Udall.  The sign described his work pioneering Yosemite Valley before it became...

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NYT on “Wild Life of American Cities”

A New York Times Magazine article titled “Bloom Town: The Wild Life of American Cities” got my attention and that of several Rant readers, who wrote to me about it.  And no wonder – it appears to be about a subject we’ve written about here over the years, and...

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Landscape architect’s guide to your city coming soon

The American Society of Landscape Architects recently announced the launch of The Landscape Architect’s Guide to Washington, D.C.  – just the first of many across the country.  It’s an online, mobile-friendly guide to more than 75 historic, modern and contemporary designed spaces in D.C., with 800+ photos and expert...

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Garden Writers Should See the World

Elizabeth introduced our new web design a few months ago by asking an interesting question that was raised at the Asheville Garden Bloggers Fling: Is garden blogging still viable? After all, why blog if you can post on Facebook or tweet? I have to say that as a news...

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Speaking of TED Talks…

…as we were the other day…what do you people think about window farming?  Worthwhile?  Silly? Is this a lot of effort for a salad or a few strawberries? Or is it revolutionary?   \

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Start your day with Garden Photos from Fine Gardening

I usually start my day by for checking email and news of more gaffes by clueless candidates for office but Michelle Gervais, an editor of Fine Gardening Magazine, suggested I try subscribing to her morning emails of garden photos submitted by readers.  I did and I’m already hooked. Michelle...

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Welcome to Garden Rant 2.0—and a word about garden blogging

Finally. We’ve moved over to a platform that gives us more flexibility, more options, and goes a bit beyond our former traditional blog set-up. We’ve got pages that focus on science, growing food, drinks, reviews, videos, and more. We think we’ve got a more dynamic look, and we’ve got...

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Leaf Magazine Dazzles

If you're not one of the 80,000 people already reading Leaf Magazine (after just one issue) then why the hell not?  It's a free e-magazine, available right here.  The new Spring 2012 issue, at 142 pages, is gorgeous and inspiring, full of the kind of garden design photography and...

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Kudos to GrowWrite! and Michael Nolan

Have you seen the first issue of GrowWrite!?  It’s the online magazine for garden communicators that hit the web recently to much acclaim and kudos for its editor, Michael Nolan.  He’d previously served as editor of Garden Writers Today and when that was shuttered by its publisher (Cool Springs...

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Beautiful No-Mow Yards is just what American gardeners need. And you can win it right here

In the last year or so, we’re hearing that there are better uses for our land than turfgrass, that unless it’s needed for sport or play, you can save on resources and probably your labor, too, by switching to an array of alternatives – meadows, vegetable gardens, native grasse,...

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Red carpet treatment

That’s what the National Trust for Historic Preservation will be getting in Buffalo this week when they roll in for their annual conference. That is, if the sight of thousands of red mums planted in selected Olmsted parks can be considered a luxurious welcome. I suspect most of these...

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Here is what I posted on the Kirkus Books blog last week and click here to read Susan's review of Tomorrow's Garden. —Eliz. Are gnomes the new vampires and fairies the new witches? And where do zombies fit in? For the most part, I accept with resignation the abundant...

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More “Meet the Author” Nights, please!

As promised, I attended the recent "Meet the Author" event at the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA, featuring three Rodale authors – Derek Fell, Stephen Orr, and our own Michele Owens.  In the photo left they're listening intently to event moderator Ethne Clarke, editor-in-chief of Organic Gardening Magazine. Notice...

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Free issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine

Did you know that April is National Landscape Architecture Month?  Me, neither, but I know about it now because there's something in it for us gardeners – a free issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine.  Just click here to enjoy THE most interesting publication related to gardening, bar none.  (IMHO...

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“Plant Driven Design” Sides with Real Gardeners

Below is my first Kirkus review, and click here to see Amy's Q&A with Andrea Wulf, author of The Founding Gardeners. At last, two garden writers who give voice to what real gardeners everywhere have been saying for  years. And it’s no surprise that the voice-givers are Scott and...

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What She Said.

Genevieve Schmidt and I took a road trip to San Francisco last week for the garden show.  She's done such a good job summing the whole thing up on her blog that I have little to add, except to say: The lettuce hanging in tubes thing?  It was the...

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Bizarre? Maybe. Definitely dangerous for the obsessive gardener

What follows is Garden Rant’s debut post on the Kirkus Reviews Book Bloggers Network. From now on, we will be reposting the Kirkus posts on Thursdays. We’re taking turns—Kirkus posts from Susan, Amy, and Michele are coming up.—Elizabeth Amaranthus are cool but around here they have to be grown...

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Garden Rant invades Kirkus Reviews

At some point—which I missed—the SXSW festival/conference, now going on in Austin, stopped being mainly a music event and started also being about movies, websites, blogs, books, and every kind of new media possible. And god knows what else. (I was just scanning the voluminous schedule and I could...

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From a favorite gardenblogger comes Sugar Snaps and Strawberries

Andrea Bellamy, author of the Vancouver blog Heavy Petal (tagline "from the West Coast Urban Organic Perspective") has a book out, which is reminding me of the early days of gardenblogging and how much I enjoyed reading hers (yes, there was a time when I was a loyal reader...

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