Seen at the garden show

Tis the season. Indeed, many of you have already attended or ignored your local home & garden/garden-only exhibitions, which are timed to capture the attention of property owners as winter fades. Our show happened this past weekend. I used to look forward to this when I was first starting out as a gardener. Now I […]

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The Designer, Post-Makeover, Launches this Week

The smartypants team at the Association of Professional Landscape Designers has something fabulous for us all, and it’s free.  It’s their totally new and stunning digital magazine The Designer, which launches later this week. (But you can subscribe now.)  I got a sneak peak and can attest to the...

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Garden Variety SNARK

I was recently made aware of something that I had no idea about – it was said on an online garden writer’s forum that “The best garden tips are the snarky ones”. WHERE HAVE I BEEN PEOPLE??? If anyone is going to be giving snarky gardening tips, it better...

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What I want in 2014

  Pardon the delay in my 2014 wish list. Here it is with one caveat—it’s really more of an impossible dream list. No more bug-of-the-months. There have been way too many overwrought scares about pests. Pests will always be with us. Rather than freak-out attacks on bugs like the...

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It’s Valentine’s Day. Do You Know Where Your Roses Came From?

Guest Rant by Debra Prinzing Earlier this week, Libby Francis-Baxter, owner of The Modest Florist in Baltimore, made headlines in the local media by announcing her plans for a rose-free Valentine’s Day. “I don’t support outsourcing flower production to South and Central America at the expense of our own...

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Hey, Pantone! Roy G. Biv called; he wants his rainbow back.

Color trending is silly by definition, but it’s a way to make a living. I have followed Pantone’s (and Color Marketing Group’s) successive “colors of the year” for over a decade now. Every year, a color—with maybe a secondary color—is picked, and then touted among home design and fashion...

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Evil, Frivolous Gardener!!!

I am ruining the world. Because I like pretty plants. Because I practice the dubious art of ornamental gardening. Yes – I admit it. I have planted non-native exotic species in my garden. I have planted them in gardens of others. I am one of those thoughtless, arrogant gardeners...

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Fall Color Marred by Cleavage

Guest Rant by Wendy Kiang-Spray I am not an arborist.  Nor am I a landscape architect, city planner, neighborhood developer, or anything of the sort. This is why I’m so confused about the planting of large trees under phone and power lines.  Throughout my neighborhood, these trees grow so...

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Scary House

Since we don’t know each other very well, I am going to start my association with the venerable Garden Rant with a confession. My house is the “Scary House” It wasn’t ALWAYS like that. My garden was gorgeous! It’s been in magazines and books! My garden was in Martha...

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The perils of giving and receiving garden criticism

I can’t get this provocative post by Anne Wareham out of my  mind.  (It’s on the U.K.’s Think in Gardens – highly recommended!)  It seems that a well-known gardener was shocked to read criticism of her garden, which criticism was so well known that Anne was shocked that the...

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Garden Design Mag is Back and Totally Different!

Once a fan of Garden Design Magazine, I came to dislike it enough to ask for my unused subscription money back after it changed its target audience to the rich and beautiful people of Southern California, with their $1,000 patio chairs and al fresco dinner parties.  So I wasn’t...

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The “Queen of Green”? You be the Judge

Cheap-shot alert!  Because yes, we’re all sent cheesey emails from publicists that could be posted here for a laugh.  So we resist-resist-resist until along comes one that makes me say HOLD ON, I can’t stand it any longer; this one MUST BE MOCKED. I’ll used italics to highlight the...

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Late season observations

Double lilies I’m sold. I first posted images of these here last month, when they had already been blooming for a week or so. Well, they’re still blooming and I can envision at least a week more. That’s 5-6 weeks of flowering and scent from a lily plant—enough for...

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Adventures in Gardening? Define “Adventure.”

  I got a press release this morning from the people at the UK-based After5.TV advertising a new show called “Adventures in Gardening” that will air online for a fee.  You get “10 Action-Packed Episodes” for $31. The show is hosted by Tony Buckland, a garden expert and popular...

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A Passion for Turfgrass, and other Matters of Taste

I’m not thoroughly anti-lawn, unlike some of my Lawn Reform comrades, especially the ones who live in desert climates.  My beefs with turfgrass here on the Wet Coast are that it does virtually nothing for wildlife and that when it’s cared for in a certain way – the Scotts ideal...

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In Defense of Plant Critics

Anne Raver covered the newsworthy topic of Impatiens suffering from Downy Mildew Disease in her usual clear-headed way for the New York Times – or so I thought.   This week they published comments by some dissenters, readers taking offense at Raver’s dissing of their beloved annuals.  Raver had identified...

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OG Mag on Wildlife-Friendly Gardens: What’s Wrong with this Picture?

As a big fan of Organic Gardening Magazine, I take no pleasure in expressing my shock surprise at seeing this photo illustrating an otherwise wonderful article about growing wildlife-friendly gardens.  The caption on the right says “Orange Boy watches wildlife from the front porch.” I don’t imagine he just...

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Blossom-less FDR Memorial delights. MLK Memorial just looks sad.

The memorial to FDR has been a local favorite since it opened in 1997, and yesterday it was the first stop on my cherry blossom tour via bicycle.  (You can get your own bike there via subway or rent one when you get downtown.)  But like thousands of other...

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Unsurprising, but still sad

A few years ago, I was offered about ten years worth of Garden Design magazines if I paid for the postage to get them to me. The two boxes came and I put them in a closet, intending at some point to unpack and shelve them somewhere I could...

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Love Downton, but Where are the Gardens?

Guest Rant by Layanee DeMerchant I confess; I’m caught up in the romance and intrigue of the PBS series, “Downton Abbey.” I’m enjoying the fashion, the opulence and the stunning backdrop of a castle, on top of the great acting and the fascinating changes going on in British society...

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