Susan Harris

Susan Harris

Susan’s a garden writer, teacher and activist in the Washington, D.C. area.  In addition to co-founding GardenRant, she wrote for national gardening magazines and independent garden centers before retiring in 2014. Now she has time for these fun projects:

  • To promote her new hometown of Greenbelt, Maryland (a “New Deal Utopia” launched in 1937), Susan edits Greenbelt Live and curates the Greenbelt Youtube Channel. She’s also working with others to add new gardens and improve old ones in Greenbelt.
  • To promote the fabulous public gardens of the DC area, she’s developing DC Gardens, an all-digital volunteer distributing photos of the gardens by month.  It’s aimed at the general public, both local and from out of town, and includes local information for newbie gardeners and will launch in the spring of 2015.

Susan still takes a special interest in alternatives to lawn and healthier lawn care, information about which has been collected by the Lawn Reform Coalition that she co-founded in 2009.  The best way to follow the movement is on Facebook.

Contact Susan via email or by leaving a comment here.

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