Evelyn Hadden

Evelyn Hadden

After a couple of decades of gardening in Minnesota (USDA Hardiness Zone 3b/4a, brrrr), I recently moved back to Idaho, land of my childhood (and Zone 5b, hooray), where I am industriously smothering an acre of lawn.

Yes, I kill lawns. And through my website, talks, and books, I encourage other people to kill them as well. “Less lawn, more life” is my motto. To me, those well-kept but unused lawns in which no weeds are allowed symbolize our barren (of nature) modern lives. We exclude plants and other animals from much of our landscape, yet I believe we need to interact daily with other species—and to immerse ourselves in natural settings—for our physical and emotional health, and for our spirits.

Some other things I believe:

  • Gardening is an act of hope and satisfies our yearning to connect with the world outside ourselves.
  • Most issues have many sides; rarely is there a clear right or wrong.
  • Discussion is crucial to expand our understanding. It is hard to imagine perspectives outside our experience. Listening to others helps.
  • One person can make a difference.
  • One image or idea can transform a person.

Check out what ranters and commenters had to say about my book Beautiful No-Mow Yards, and look for my next book Hellstrip Gardening in May 2014. Read my rant about why I prefer a kinder, gentler, healthier world with fewer leaf blowers. And please, join the conversation!

(Photo credit: Kezar Photo)