Amy Stewart

Amy Stewart

In love with: earthworms, chickens, poisons, and a very dry Martini

Opposed to: pansies, power tools, and homeowners associations

Best plant: All salvias

Worst plant: All bedding annuals

Author ofWicked BugsWicked PlantsFlower Confidential, The Earth MovedFrom the Ground Up.  Also:  a forthcoming book called The Drunken Botanist.

Winner ofAmerican Horticultural Society Book Award, California Horticulture Society Writers Award,  National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowship, Hill Elementary School 6th Grade Egg Run (honorable mention)

Contributing editor to:  Fine Gardening magazine

On Twitter atAmy_Stewart

Resident of: Northern California. USDA Zone 9, Sunset Climate Zone 17. “Heat-loving plants disappoint or dwindle here.”

Painter of:  Hens, vegetables, New York City. Check it out at Daily Paintworks.

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