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  1. bbravo says:

    That’s a good, easy to understand description of soil pH and how we can tweak it to benefit our plants. I’m a strong believer in compost. With 3 overflowing bins, I usually have enough compost to cover all my beds and, as a result, my garden is filled with lush, healthy plants.

  2. Karen says:

    Compost, Compost, Compost!!! Love it and so do my plants. Wish I could make more off my small yard, but I buy it too.

  3. Karen Greer says:

    We are so excited that we just ordered a “dual” composter! We have a worm bin and love our wigglers such diligent helpers. I am looking so forward to never purchasing potting soil again for our container garden!

    What’s next? Rain barrels

  4. Karen says:

    Having ordered compost to mix with existing loam clay soil to create my veggie garden, it was heart breaking to watch the veggies struggle. The pH was 8 may be 8.5 – hard to read the card! I added home made compost, worm castings, micro organisms (GoGo Juice), seaweed solution and more and more compost. The pH is 7 and the veggies are doing fine. It took time and it was worth it 🙂

  5. Eric Luse says:

    Among my favorite quotes is “Take care of your soil and let the soil take care of your plants.” Nice discussion of why soil is so important and so complicated.

  6. Ed Brown says:

    Cotton Seed Dirt. Have been adding for a few years. It’s free at Cotton Gins. Has tremendously helped and produced an abundance of healthy delicious vegetables.

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