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  1. benjamin gauthier says:

    I accidentally added to much lime to my soil to counteract the dog per e. All the grass and brass died what do I do? who do I make the soil grow again?

    • George says:

      Well to much lime is pretty critical it not only burnns things but when Ph is to high it locks out other essential natural fertilizers to the plant ability to take it up!Well that said it will probably be a slow process like preping garden in the fall with Spagnum peat moss which has about a 3.5 Ph that will naturally lower the Ph. also add alot of shredded leaves and grass clipping with a suppliment nitrogen to feed the bacteris that is needed to break down the organic matter!Mix all this in the garden with maybe added fresh cow manure in the fall turn it all in then cover it with about 6 inches of leaves to hold it warm and encourage worms to be present!All that said possibly with all the added organic material I stated it should almost all break down by the time spring arrives and with good fortune it could salvage the gaarden area!Do not rush and add chemiical acid fertilizer base material it is bad for the soil and kills the friendly bacteria and fungi that are essential to make plant nutrients available to the plant and also needed to break down the organis material to compost!

  2. George says:

    Sorry forgat to add that put about 3 tablspoons of nonsulfured molasses to ratio of 1 gallon of water and water area that you put all those items on this feeds the bacteria a booster shot to be more prolific and then material will break down better

  3. George says:

    Sorry forgot to add that you mix 3 tablespoons of unsulfured molasses to 1 gallon water ratio and water soil you just admended to increase the bacteris groth that assit in breaking down organic matter to compost!

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