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Season’s greetings from Key West


-You would barely imagine that a category 4-5 hurricane had swept past just a few months previously.

(Sorry, no Santa pix)

-Santa is everywhere, as a culture of white-bearded men has already long been in place and just requires a few seasonal tweaks.

-Front gardens are the most creative in the less-moneyed neighborhoods with the smallest houses.

-An organized committee (must be) regulates early morning noise as follows: truck-driven sand comber, 6-8; carts bumping over walkways pulling nothing: 6-9; drilling (doesn’t matter what), 7-10; sawing (doesn’t matter what), 8-10; roosters, at will, from 5 onward.

-People don’t instantly start talking about snow when they find out where you’re from; they’re cooler than that. Plus, everyone is from everywhere here.

-It’s the best place ever to escape from politics as well as winter.

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5 responses to “Season’s greetings from Key West”

  1. Susan Harris says:

    Love it! But very FOMO-inducing.

  2. Ruth Rogers Clausen says:

    Maybe I should try it sometime. Not too many butterflies around on the Eastern shore in Dec. but the days are getting longer as of 5hrs or so ago!
    Happy Winter Solstice!

  3. Linus says:

    So wonderful to here that post-Irma things are getting back to normal. I’ll be visiting Key West for the first time on Christmas Day as a stop in a week long cruise. Hopefully many things, like the Botanical garden or Audubon house, will be open on Christmas Day. Any other recommendations that are garden or nature related to see in Key West?

    • Eliz. says:

      The botanical gardens at the West Martello Tower are really nice. But I would assume that most things are closed on Christmas. The real number one bucket list thing (in any category) to do at Key West is the Tortuga National Park, which requires planning.


    I love Christmas in the tropics!