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Destination weddings—and horticulture

I know we're supposed to deplore these, but I enjoyed them ,especially this drunken one. Seemed fitting.

I know we’re supposed to deplore these, but I enjoyed them, especially this drunken one. Seemed appropriate.

That’s the bonus when you get to travel from the icy fastnesses of the Northeast at this time of year. It’s not just warmer; there’s a whole new world of plants that aren’t ever available in Buffalo except—sometimes—as houseplants and annuals. We were recently at a resort in Punta Cana for four nights, which is just about the right length of time. (Except I had hoped to come back to an approaching spring; so much for that.)

IMG_5246I’m used to seeing lush landscaping at these resorts, having visited similar facilities in Barbados and St. Lucia, but our venue, Dreams, had a few extras. Peacocks and pink flamingos wandered freely over the grounds, which also featured koi ponds and some very impressive orchid displays. I know peacocks can be mean, so I kept my distance when I got the shot above.

This one IS common, but I liked the lizard.

This one IS common, but I liked the lizard.

What I really loved was that everything, and I do mean everything, had a label, including botanic name, common name, place of origin, habits, you name it. Many of the plants are common enough, but not all; it was much more fun to know what I was admiring (or not, as the case may be). Here’s another bonus—if you enjoy watching weddings, they have about 10 a day at this huge place, in season.

IMG_5445A much smaller wedding awaited when we returned. It was very lovely in its own way, though plants were lacking—a couple crocuses, maybe. But it, too, was a picturesque destination. The B&B was perched over a creek, with some nice rustic touches, including a good-looking chicken coop/run (in use), and some gorgeous salvaged fencing. It was freezing, of course, but we made ourselves walk the grounds. If I needed a fence, I would consider this one, depending on what I needed to fence out.

Ah, the beauties of winter. I’m over it though, now. Really. You can stop. I mean it.

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