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Garden Videos can Teach or Distract

The February update from Good Gardening Videos starts with the news, then recommends 16 new or newly-discovered videos. Some have no point other than to entertain – so we thank them for the distraction.

NEWS: GGVideos Welcomes Nonprofit Supporters

The missions of the Garden Writers Association Foundation and Kids Gardening – educating the public, encouraging gardens, and more – align so well with those of GGVideos, they’ve signed on as supporters. We thank them for helping to spread the word about GGVideos and for their own good works for the cause. We look forward to connecting with other respected nonprofits in the plant world.

PlantPop and New “Cool Stuff” Feature

Time to show off the hottest thing in plant videos – PlantPop, a “horticultural film studio” telling stories of “plants and how they improve people’s lives.” Some of their videos explore real gardeners and their gardens but others (like their video poems) are just COOL, so we’ve created a brand new category for them on our site and Youtube channel – “Cool Stuff.” It’s for artsy, fun and funny videos that don’t even try to teach. Might help get your mind off…whatever.

(Coming next week on the Rant – behind the scenes at PlantPop.)

NEW VIDEOS: Home Gardens

In “TONY AVENT: PLANT HUNTER,” PlantPop visits the well known proprietor of Plant Delights Nursery in North Carolina.

In “BRIE ARTHUR: TRANSFORMING THE SUBURBAN LANDSCAPE” PlantPop interviews the Raleigh-area garden communicator in her own garden. Brie is known for combining edibles with ornamentals – beautifully.

Community Gardens


Cool Stuff for Winter

PlantPop began as the video project of wholesale grower Lancaster Farms in Suffolk, VA, and here are two of their “video poems” that celebrate winter: “THE PANSY” and “DORMANCY, A VIDEO POEM.

More winter thoughts but of the tongue-in-cheek variety by Daniel Gasteiger in “SNOW PLACE FOR GARDENERS.” Daniel blogs at Your Small Kitchen Garden.

For pure fun we recommend “FREAKS OF THE GARDEN SALE, MOUNTAIN-STYLE” by the creative growers at Peaceful Belly Farm in Hailey, Idaho. Video marketing this good is bound to go viral, and did. (We expect more dancing gardener videos this season, inspired by a challenge on GardenRant.)


AMARYLLIS DONE BLOOMING? HERE’S WHAT TO DO” could be useful about now. Thanks to Laura at Garden Answer for more good instruction.

HOW TO PRUNE CREPE MYRTLES” (in early spring before they break dormancy), is by the experts at Central Texas Gardener.

“HOW TO PREVENT FLOPPING PERENNIALS” is another excellent how-to by the U. Nebraska-Lincoln’s “Backyard Farmer”.

COREOPSIS PLANT FACTS” contains great images and info about an easy native perennial, from OpenHort.


HOW TO MAKE A TERRARIUM” by Laura at Garden Answer takes you step by step.

HOW TO FOLD A NEWSPAPER CONTAINER FOR PLANTS” from the U. Maryland’s Home and Garden Information Center saves you money!

Garden Media

BLOGGER LES PARKS: A TIDEWATER GARDENER” profiles Les and his popular Virginia gardenblog. Thanks again to PlantPop.

EXPLORE WITH GARDEN DESIGN MAGAZINE” is the latest look at this growing publication, with editor-in-chief Thad Orr.

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