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The Obamas’ New Yard

Part 2 of my Garden-Related Thoughts on Inauguration Day is a look-see the Obamas’ home and garden for at least two years while Sasha finishes high school.

obama house2

Enjoy the whole slide show on Cafe Mom, titled: “It’s no White House but Obama’s new $5.3M Mansion is Still Pretty Freakin’ Impressive”. You’ll want to see the rooms, of course but for us gardeners, there are these shots of the yard.

obama yard2

obama yard3


obama home1

In “There goes the neighborhood,” the Washington Post focused on the Obamas’ new neighbors – Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and the Washington Post, and Ivanka Trump and her husband. The link includes a walking tour of the street.

But the latest Obama Neighborhood News I saw is the BEST – the Bidens are looking for a “small house” nearby. The bromance continues.

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  1. Our friend, & well-known Chevy Chase Landscape designer, Kathryn Everett recently spruced up the landscape & terrace for the former owners. Olson Weaver LLC are proud of our contribution to the lighting!