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Farmers Dance. Why not Gardeners?

A farmer dancing in his barn is a recent sensation on Youtube and no wonder – he invokes the Let’s Move campaign and his dancing is very cool to watch.

YouTube Preview Image

But as a kindred spirit and a gardener, my immediate reaction is – Where are the “Dancing Gardeners” on Youtube? Though there are several dancing farmers online, dancing gardeners are nowhere to be found. (Unless you count this vine, and I don’t.)

I’m inspired to do a little dancing in my garden this year, video it and upload it as hopefully the first of many Dancing Gardeners on Youtube. Who’s in?

Btw, when it comes to the virality of dancing videos, age helps! Remember all the cool dancing grandmas you’ve watched and rewatched? I aspire to be one of those, but without the grandchildren.

Posted by on January 19, 2017 at 12:07 pm, in the category Watch Someone Else Do It.
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6 responses to “Farmers Dance. Why not Gardeners?”

  1. Garden Rant Garden Rant says:

    We’ve evolved? I wonder from what to what?
    I”m with you on twerking! Susan

  2. Kermit says:

    Bwahahaha! My daughter was watching over my shoulder and noted that “hippies have evolved”.

    This gardener might dance, after a shot of vodka, but I won’t twerk.

    And absolutely, farmers and gardeners should dance, even if nobody is watching. The plants do too, some of them, but the rhythms are 24 hours or longer.

  3. Sandra Knauf says:

    Shake it, granny! I think that’s a brilliant idea!

    This is the only video I’ve seen with gardeners dancing (they are working in a nursery, but same thing, right?). It’s a music video/ad for their plant sale and it is fabulous! Freaks of the Garden Sale Mountain Style Hailey, Idaho!

  4. Laura Munoz says:

    Oh that vine video is soooo funny! I’m in…I’ll get someone to video tape me and maybe a few friends as soon as my hip has healed.

  5. Sheera Stern says:

    Love your post, Susan. But after 50 years of stepping on the business end of a shovel in the Passaic (Brunswick) Shale Formation, I’m not dancing, I’m limping!