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Good Gardening Videos now on Youtube

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Good Gardening Videos continues to add new videos to the website, but even better, it has its very own Youtube Channel for your viewing and subscribing to. Why better? Because more videos are found and viewed by searches on Youtube itself than by any other way, so we needed to be there. What else?

We have Playlists – 16 of them! – that group our featured videos by topic. For example, here’s the “Wildlife, Pollinators, Native Plants” playlist and here’s the one called “Shrubs and Trees.”

And now you can find other gardening channels.  In the left sidebar you’ll see the 61 Youtube channels subscribed to by GGVideos; in the right sidebar, our three current Featured Channels.

Gotta say I’m having fun connecting with so many people who make good gardening videos, especially by comment on them. Commenting may be less popular on blogs than they were years ago, but commenting on Youtube seems to be going strong.

You can help Youtube find our channel, and help other gardeners find hundreds of videos chosen for accuracy and watchabaility, by subscribing to the Good Gardening Videos channel.  

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2 responses to “Good Gardening Videos now on Youtube”

  1. I am enjoying visiting gardens everywhere by watching the videos. Also, I am so pleased to see the Rachael Matthews series.
    These videos are great learning in a ‘nutshell’! Even after 30 years in the gardening industry, I still have much to learn!

  2. My husband and I are newer to the youtube scene but we enjoy learning from youtube video’s mostly because they are short and we can get the info we want quickly. Now my hubby has taken to making his own as me as the videographer. Hey, we all have weird hobbies….what can I say! Don’t have time to watch cable but youtube works for us!!!