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Colors of equality

shutterstock_71106433Those lanterns weren’t nearly gay enough. In celebration of Friday’s SCOTUS marriage equality decision, and in solidarity with all of my friends and colleagues who have already availed themselves of this freedom or who are now able to, here is some rainbow/garden imagery I found on Shutterstock.

shutterstock_113748583Like Susan, I am not at all sure what a “relentlessly gay” yard is supposed to look like; like our commenters, I think that the “hate note” may have been a hoax; and, finally, like many straight gardeners everywhere, I find myself in awe of the garden magic many of my LGBT friends are able to create.

shutterstock_24307762In any case, it’s great to be able to have a nationwide celebration of love, for a change.

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12 responses to “Colors of equality”

  1. Susan says:

    Hear, hear!! Total agreement, Elizabeth!

  2. greg draiss says:


    Leave social issues OUT of gardening

    • Saurs says:

      Gardening IS a “social” issue.

      Whereas strangers’ relationships and your feelings about them is not.

      • greg draiss says:

        So one can no longer just plant a garden without some PC symbolism attached to it. Seriously?

        I give no consideration whatsoever to political history of the plants in my garden.

        Maybe I should….in fact does anyone know of an heirloom, organic source for

    • Saurs says:

      Also, you bill yourself as a politically conservative gardener; your objection here doesn’t make any sense.

  3. A. Marina Fournier says:

    All right, I have always loved rainbow/spectrum arrangements of anything–and the photos I’ve seen recently, corporate and not, in celebration of this particular iteration of equality in marriage (for which I am very happy) have been a joy to behold. I happen to enjoy those colors–and really, any gem-tone hue (I hope I’m not slaughtering color terms) and metals (lovel, love, love copper) in designs.

    I’ve never believed there was so much love in the world that we had to enact laws against it–the world, planet and inhabitants, can always use more love.

  4. Jan Clark says:

    LOVELY! Thank you, Elizabeth. ;>)

  5. LOL I love the oh-so-sarcastic tone of the pictures. But the occasion is worth it nonetheless. (worth the celebration)