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“Peace Love 2015” from Mosquito-Battling New Gardener

Meet my new neighbor, Lindsey Dodson, who moved into what she calls “My Happy House” after 30 years of apartment living in the city.  When asked about the outfit she’s wearing, she wrote that “Yes I actually did wear that outfit a lot this past summer. I get bitten very quickly and I also welt badly from the bites.  The outfit is too big, but it does the job–mostly.”

Well, whatever works! All for a good cause – digging in the dirt, growing plants.  Gardening.

I know my assumption that everyone could be a happy gardener is wildly optimistic, but I have a good feeling about Lindsey and her first garden, based on her New Year’s card.

So to my friends and the many Rant readers I’ll never meet, what Lindsey said!

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11 responses to ““Peace Love 2015” from Mosquito-Battling New Gardener”

  1. Marie says:

    A full body one? I want! Everyone in our home has bug jackets, and they’re necessary in the spring. I couldn’t get any planting done without mine. But I’d love to find one that covered my whole body. I didn’t know they came like that.

  2. Tibs says:

    Mosquitos don’t find me too tasty, thank goodness. But my poor daughter is a gorment dinner to the little bitters. She gets huge welts. And she lives next to a swamp. I showed her this picture and she turned up her little twenty-something nose.

  3. We sure do need this in Texas!

  4. Carol Sandt says:

    Where can the mosquito netting outfit be purchased?

  5. Lindsey says:

    Everyone can go mosquito-net shopping at REI. My netting is the small size (still too big, but it does the job). It also has a hood.

  6. thefolia says:

    Sometime we have to make the practical choice over fashion. Happy Nesting in the garden!

  7. A. Marina Fournier says:

    Beekeepers have no problem wearing protective but unattractive clothing…have fun, Lindsey!

  8. Michelle says:

    I have always been a mosquito attractant as well. One of my boys is never bothered by them, and oddly, when I was pregnant with him during a heavily mosquito-populated summer, I did not get bit once. I so wish I would have donated my blood to science so they could have looked at the chemical composition and come up with some kind of mosquito antidote. But since I didn’t, I am getting one of those nets!

  9. commonweeder says:

    I’m so glad I was not born before netting.