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Worth it

acuminataEvery year I try to plant a few T. acuminata (these from Brent and Beckys) in the front yard. They’re expensive as tulips go—about 4-5 bucks a bulb—and are considered heirloom. Most of the bulb experts seem to think they are an older hybrid, not a wild tulip, but their exact origins are a bit murky. Anna Pavord is a fan; she writes about them as being “spidery and mad.” Brent and Beckys thinks they date to 1813; Old House Gardens sees them as a survivor of the c. 1700s thin-petal tulip craze.

And not only are they expensive, they’re fussy. I put 5 in every year, but for whatever reason, they often fail to emerge. It’s a very exciting event when they do. This year’s are quite tall—I would say about 30”.

Moulin Rouge from Longfield Gardens

Moulin Rouge from Longfield Gardens

Spring does not exist without tulips as far as I’m concerned. Indeed, when winter transitions directly into summer, as it did this year, I need tulips to help me pretend that spring happened.

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7 responses to “Worth it”

  1. Lisa says:

    If they make your heart sing, they are absolutely worth it. The anticipation alone every year to see if they emerge is enough to keep your heart rate up for days.

  2. auntie beak says:

    tulips…. sigh. i remember them. i used to love them till we moved to the boonies. but they are such deer candy that even tulips planted in planters on the front steps get munched.

  3. commonweeder says:

    Anything that gives singing pleasure is worth it. That includes roses.

  4. Susan says:

    Well, you pay for your pleasure, don’t you? IMHO, there are far worse things you could be spending your money on, Elizabeth……

  5. Sandra Knauf says:

    I love the red and white. Eye-popping and happy!

  6. Kathy says:

    Thank you for sharing. It’s amazing to even think this could be from the 1700’s.

  7. Those colors are sure making me happy.. what beauties!