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U.S. Botanic Garden ISO Executive Director

After 14 years at its helm, Holly Shimizu is leaving the U.S. Botanic Garden this week, retiring to a life of…to be determined.  (Wild guess – some gardening, and somehow pursuing her passion for hollyconservation.)  She tells me there will be a national search for her replacement, so spread to word to worthy horticulturalist/administrators you may know.  Holly’s shoes won’t be easy to fill.

I ran into Holly last week at the USBG’s Earth Day celebration and when I heard her big news, I decided that her retirement send-off needed a little video.  So this one’s for Holly.  Hope she likes swing music!


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3 responses to “U.S. Botanic Garden ISO Executive Director”

  1. That’s some peppy swing music!

    The kids really liked it, but they’re kind of deprived of t.v. over here. We don’t even have cable t.v. and not a flatscreen t.v. either.

  2. Fred Karp says:

    Go for it, Susan!

  3. Susanna Membrino says:

    Keep up the good work!