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White House Kitchen Garden in Shutdown Mode


On the White House food policy blog Obama Foodorama, this post about the condition of the kitchen garden is making headlines.  Seriously.  Are people surprised that gardens need regular staff time or they’ll go to weed?  Maybe readers are glad to see that even this famous garden turns into a mess so quickly, because only watering was deemed essential during the Shutdown.

But is “wrecked” really the word for a garden that hasn’t been weeded in two weeks?

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15 responses to “White House Kitchen Garden in Shutdown Mode”

  1. Isn’t Mrs. Obama weeding?

  2. skr says:

    she only likes gardening when her underlings are doing it.

    • mary lou bethune says:

      I don’t think there is any support for that catty statement. This is October – when gardens go to seed.

  3. Daphne says:

    I have to laugh at the use of “wrecked”. Heck I left my kitchen garden for two weeks in the middle of summer. It was by no means wrecked when I came back. Plants have a way of taking care of themselves. Well as long as they get enough water (which they have and then some).

  4. Kim says:

    If two weeks is wrecked, then after a first trimester of non-stop “morning” sickness, my gardens must be permanently destroyed, perhaps not even salvageable for next year. /sarcasm

  5. Jessika says:

    It’s also OCTOBER, meaning that the garden was likely looking pretty dreary. I saw a photo someone posted of tomato plants looking dead with frost-bitten fruit. OF COURSE they’re dead. It’s mid-OCTOBER! Something tells me that if the shutdown had happened in July or August, we would not be seeing this story covered so well. Instead, it’d be GARDEN SHUT DOWN…. AND IT STILL LOOKS OK!

  6. Seriously, Obama Foodarama editor Eddie Gehman Kohan needs to check out MY garden, which is a complete mess after a tough year. Though FULL TO THE GILLS WITH FOOD.

    Which is kinda the point of vegetable gardens. Ideally, they look gorgeous. But nonetheless, in years when the gardeners are furloughed–or subject to the various other traumas of life–they STILL tend to make dinner a great experience.

    Nonetheless, it would make me happy to see the Obamas weeding and harvesting.

  7. There’s an air of desperation about the article which makes me want to creep into the garden to see what’s happening.

  8. I don’t weed my roadside vegetable garden for weeks or months at a time and it looks fine. The wood chip mulch is an amazing work saver.

  9. Janet says:

    Give me a break. If she prized her garden that much, she would have been out there working in it. Gardening is easy when you have a paid staff to do everything for you.

  10. Jeavonna Chapman says:

    The post told me that the writer of the Foodorama Blog is not a gardener. Very few weeds can take over an established garden in a week. The White House garden is both a display garden and a production garden. Yes, that does requrie a lot of maintenance and labor.

  11. Of Gardens says:

    What a high maintenance garden if it becomes “wrecked” in two weeks…

  12. greg draiss says:

    Tell that fake phony fraud to pull her own weeds.

    Now everyone thinks the government will pull your weeds…….

    Oh wait that’s what they want…..