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Rant on the Road: Garden Bloggers Conference in Atlanta



Hey people!  Like the sign says I’ll be speaking at a new conference for garden bloggers, put on by the same people who have been hosting a very successful design bloggers conference for several years.  They’ve invited not just speakers from the garden and horticulture world, but social media experts as well.  The list of attendees thus far is pretty diverse–check it out here–and I look forward to hanging out with all of these people.

Also, there are awards.  To nominate your favorite garden blog, go here.

It’s all happening in Atlanta Sept. 22-24.  If you want to join us, you can get a discount by clicking this link and enter promo code SPAS – this offer ends on August 10.  See you there!



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2 responses to “Rant on the Road: Garden Bloggers Conference in Atlanta”

  1. Carol says:

    The list of attendees you linked to looks like a list of those who attended the design bloggers conference? Who’s attending from the garden blogging world?