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Bring it

As if they knew, the entire crew of Erlicheer tazettas now installed in glass vases throughout my ground floor has indicated their willingness to bloom. Last year was characterized by a high percentage of bud blast, but then last year, we didn’t really have a winter. Welcome back! This is January as I remember it from a few years ago.

Office hyacinths

But I’m ready. I have 20-25 tazettas blooming now, 20 or so pots of hyacinths in the back room that will be up in a couple weeks, and a few big pots of tulips waiting in the root cellar. They are needed. I don’t ski, ice skate, or sled, and my lungs hate walking fast in cold weather (though I would like to try snowshoeing). These plants will keep me occupied, and the house fragrant through February at least and most likely partway into March. It’s not the same as a year-round garden—which I don’t even think I would want—but it provides a smattering of gardening activity through the frigid months. For me, it’s better than seed catalogs.

I’ve also bought another humidifier for the indoor plants. I prefer it to the trays of water, or trays of pebbles and water (messy, annoying). There is maintenance, to be sure, but I think it’s worth it. With this kind of weather, even the office philodendrons are looking pretty good!

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6 responses to “Bring it”

  1. Lisa-St. Marys ON says:

    You should definitely try the snowshoeing! It is a wonderful way to get out into the beautiful winter season. And once you enter the forest the winds drop considerably. It is like you are hundreds of miles away from anyone.

    But your post also reminds me that I have some paperwhites sitting in a brown paper bag that should probably be put in a glass vase and watered.

  2. Laura Bell says:

    The first of mine bloomed on New Year’s Day!

  3. Jeff Minnich says:

    Great idea to put the tazettas in tall, clear vases–keeps them from flopping! I never thought of it and I have some tall vases just like yours. Thanks–looks gorgeous.

    • tropaeolum says:

      Jeff, you can also feed them some rubbing alcohol to stunt their growth. Do a quick google search to get the water-alcohol proportions. Works like a charm.

  4. tropaeolum says:

    Hyacinths are coming up in vases in the kitchen. Almost time to bring in the pots of bulbs from the freezing garage. The tazettas will go in vases as soon as I get back home (2 weeks in a foreign country through off my bulb game). I can’t wait to have flowers again!

    I recently read somewhere else that cutting gardens are becoming all the rage in Europe and that they should be the next big thing in the US. I suppose that forcing bulbs is kind of our own version.

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