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The Annual GardenRant Handmade Gift Guide

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As we do most years around this time, we’re putting out a call for your holiday garden gift ideas–with the stipulation that they must be handmade.  Arts and crafts, one-of-a-kind, made by an actual person because they like making stuff–those sorts of gifts.  If you make garden or botanical themed stuff, be it art, jewelry, tools, or — well, whatever–now’s your chance to be self-promotional and tell us about it.  Post a description and a link, and maybe we’ll include it in next week’s roundup.  (If you post a link, we’re going to assume that we have permission to grab a photo of that thing if we write about it next week.)

No books–we cover books all year long–but if you’re a photographer or a painter and you’ve made a calendar, notecards, or other such reproduction of your work, we’d love to hear about that, too.  But mostly we want to hear about stuff that’s handmade by you or someone you know or someone whose work you admire.

Happy shopping!  See you next week!


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22 responses to “The Annual GardenRant Handmade Gift Guide”

  1. Fred says:

    Denver artist and designer John Boak is an MSW (Master of Special Wrapping):

  2. Susan says:

    I’m really fond of these blank handbound books, that would make lovely gardening journals. Made by my friend Ealasaidh.

  3. I make silk scarves naturally dyed with willow I grow myself, using the leaves, bark and twigs. These are willow cultivars generally used for basketry, but they also work beautifully as dyestuff on protein fibers like silk and wool. Willow is a low-impact, sustainable crop (my beds are from 10 to 18 years old). I also use willow for baskets and trellises. And right now, some of my willow is acting as a living snow fence.

    My Etsy shop is at Click the link under Shop Sections (on the left) to go to the Natural Dye collection to see my willow-dyed silk scarves.

    • Donna B. says:

      From one Donna to another: Oh my gosh your scarves a beautiful!
      I love the natural color to the auburn/brown ones!
      Might have to save up some moolah… hee hee hee!

    • Caitlin says:

      The scarf I ordered came a couple days ago and it is *beautiful*! I hardly wanted to touch it (though that’s also because it was so nicely wrapped and it’s a gift for my sister and I wanted to keep it neat).

      I’m glad I found this post!

  4. Donna B. says:

    Susy M. over at Chiots Run makes a beautiful calendar every year from photos she takes in her gardens:

    I’ve gotten two so far – they’re GORGEOUS!
    [and November, my birth month, has always been my favorite photo~ ♥]

    Plus, the profits for the calendar goes to help her substain her website/online journal – so to me that’s a win-win situation!

  5. I have two 2013 calendars, Succulents and Echeverias, plus succulent-themed greeting cards, mugs, throw pillows and more. At For $10 off orders of $30+ enter code ZCATALOGDEAL. Thank you for the mention!

  6. Lisa Colburn says:

    Check out some of the gift items on my website:
    for re-usable seed tins, a “Head Gardener Mug” with my original art and of course my new garden book: The Maine Garden Journal – Insider secrets from Maine people who love to put their hands in the dirt. It’s a perfect book for all cold-climate, short-season gardeners.

    Also see my Etsy shop for one-of-a-kind garden signs:

  7. thanks for sharing the ideas!
    I have an idea about how to garden without bending over
    check out my blog at
    thanks for checking it out.

  8. What a great idea! I am always looking for handcrafted items to share with friends and family.

    I make one-of-a-kind jewelry from leaves. I’ve been fascinated all my life with how beautiful leaves are, and started creating polymer clay pendants and gift items nearly a decade ago. I do not have a website, but you can find me on Facebook as Foster Hall Design LLC – I have just uploaded a batch of new work in the photo album “Creations from Leaves 2012”.

    I love this idea – thank you!


  9. If you’re on the look out for garden-themed wall art, you have to check out the poster I designed with heart-shaped leaves for a fundraiser. There’s a limited few left and they can be purchased by credit card or Paypal from the right side column on this page:

  10. You can repurpose old silverware/tea service items into fun, whimsical windchimes for the garden (if you don’t have vintage pieces on hand, you can often find them at yard sales and flea markets). Just use pliers to bend the tines of forks into scrolls and swirls, and a drill to make any holes. Finish off with cool beads strung along fishing line. Great for adding another sensory experience to the garden – sound!

  11. I would love to nominate my rain boots! They are not handmade, per se, BUT I am an artist/pattern designer, and the boots are 100% designed by me– from the colors to the patterns on the inside and outside to the secret, inspiring messages on the inside of each boot. They are perfect for gardeners who love color and happiness!

    I began the line of rain boots after a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2011, so the rain boots are a true from-the-ground-up effort by a full-time working artist/designer.

    You can find photos of and info about the boots on my website:

    I hope you love them! Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks so much!
    jessica swift

  12. Cindy McNatt says:

    Eeny-meeny-miny-mo what to gift to your favorite hoe? Dirt Couture has all kinds of hand-made goodies for the gardener. Some of my faves:

    $25 Slug boot liners for extra-cozy mucking around:

    $21 Tea towel “Seedie Character”:

    $24 Patron torch light:

    $14 Air Head tillandsia spritzer:

    Happy horticultural holidays everybody!

  13. VisuaLingual says:

    How fun! I’d like to suggest any of our seed bombs and related garden kits, which you can find in the VisuaLingual online shop. They are entirely handmade by us and small group of our assistants in a production studio a few blocks from our apartment in historic Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati.

  14. My Blooming Hub Caps are roadside trash that I “rescue” from the side of the road and give a second life as a flowering treasure! I have a blast making these unique eco-friendly designs. They look great as wall art and many are suitable outdoors to add a bit of whimsy to the garden.

    Check them out at

    Thanks for letting me share what I love making!
    Sharon Zigrossi

  15. anne says:

    Here’s a link to the page on my blog that features mini mosaic “vases” I make on occasion.

    Fun idea to have artists share creations!

  16. Deirdre says:

    I do beading. I’ve given people lots of jewellery over the years. Last year, I made snowflake ornaments. The wire forms range in size from 3.5″ to 9″.

  17. Elsa says:

    Great post. I make jewelry for kids and grown-ups. My kid stuff is all about flowers, ladybugs, turtles and butterflies (with the occasional elephant thrown in.) Anyway, here’s the URL for my shop:

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  19. […] to all of you who submitted ideas for our annual handmade holiday gift roundup, in which we celebrate the botanical-themed, garden-ish, homemade and handmade items that you, too, […]