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  1. bbravo says:

    That’s a good, easy to understand description of soil pH and how we can tweak it to benefit our plants. I’m a strong believer in compost. With 3 overflowing bins, I usually have enough compost to cover all my beds and, as a result, my garden is filled with lush, healthy plants.

  2. Karen says:

    Compost, Compost, Compost!!! Love it and so do my plants. Wish I could make more off my small yard, but I buy it too.

  3. Karen Greer says:

    We are so excited that we just ordered a “dual” composter! We have a worm bin and love our wigglers such diligent helpers. I am looking so forward to never purchasing potting soil again for our container garden!

    What’s next? Rain barrels

  4. Karen says:

    Having ordered compost to mix with existing loam clay soil to create my veggie garden, it was heart breaking to watch the veggies struggle. The pH was 8 may be 8.5 – hard to read the card! I added home made compost, worm castings, micro organisms (GoGo Juice), seaweed solution and more and more compost. The pH is 7 and the veggies are doing fine. It took time and it was worth it :)

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