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  1. Dennis Dowling says:

    What about the 1991 Eastbay fire! Over 2,000 homes destroyed numerous deaths due to Non-native trees, primarily Eucalpytus trees. 1921 Berkeley fire destroyed 2/3 of the town due to the -non-native trees planted in the hills after they cut down tens of thousands of majestic NATIVE redwoods that covered the Berkeley and Oakland hills-my Grandfather was killed in that fire!
    1906 Fire (after the earthquake) killed over 7,000 people in S.F. (newspapers stated 2000, but there was not accurate-not one chinese name is listed and SF chinatown was annilated by fire-my grandmother told me who lived on 6th street in Berkeley that the entire bay was covered with small boats, pieces of ‘wood’ and each had a chinese family riding them toBerkeley! SF & Berkeley were built with ‘native trees’ in the SF Bay Area! You don’t know what you are talking about–Skyline Blv was covered with Redwoods-Doug Firs, TanOak, etc! My son lives in the Oakland hills not far from beautiful groves of second growth redwoods!-James Lick spent a lifetime cutting down Oaks in Santa Clara Valley-(Lick Mill Blv). I’ll be glad to meet with you and set you straight–Eucalyptus-Monterey Pines have prevented the growth of native trees. Check out Pt. Reyes -Bear Valley & Bolinas Ridge and you’ll see what the Bay Area use to be like–

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