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Garden Party

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSpDdoBzSR4&feature=player_embedded’]

I’ve been blabbing away about Garden Walk Buffalo, which is a free tour of only 380 or so gardens. What I should have mentioned is that is is the centerpiece of a larger, month-long garden festival that offers 1,000 gardens to visitors, including a a weekly Open Garden program, and 14 other garden walks throughout the greater Western New York area.

This video was produced under the auspices of our vistor’s center, and is clearly meant for a general audience. Host Nelson Starr tends to be more passionate about Buffalo food promos (he managed to bring Anthony Bourdain here), but we might make a gardener out of him yet. Both the splash/slider image and the first interview in the video feature hosta expert Mike Shadrack, who wrote two Timber Press books on hostas, and co-wrote one on mini hostas with his wife Kathy Guest Shadrack. The couple happens to live just south of Buffalo, and our garden blogger group visited their property in 2010.

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