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It’s Purple! In Which We Test Fabulous Watering Apparatus

Well, we didn’t really test them.  Why?  Because they arrived last fall, after the rain had already started, and by the time we decided we really did have to post a video or do something about them–the rain still had not stopped.  Genevieve Schmidt and I live in a wet climate–that’s all there is to it.

So really, we haven’t had much of a chance to test this stuff yet.  Therefore, our video really consists of us saying that we really, really like the colors.

But I bet it’s hot and dry where you are!  So as long as you’re in the US, you too can have fashionable Dramm watering tools adorning (and irrigating) your garden.

We’re giving a way a Dramm ColorStorm hose in your choice or red orange yellow green blue purple, as well as  a One Touch sprayer, which comes in the same assortment of colors.

And Gen’s doing the same thing, so go over there to get another chance to win.

Just post a comment–any sort of comment–and we’ll choose a winner at random.

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114 responses to “It’s Purple! In Which We Test Fabulous Watering Apparatus”

  1. UrsulaV says:

    I dig purple!

  2. BooksInGarden says:

    A purple hose will add wonderful color to my garden. Another hose is always useful as I only water by hand.

  3. Gerry says:

    Good Morning Amy, What a great way to add color to a our gardens so early in the year!! At our home in Michigan it is quite dry already. I am in the middle of TRYING to recover form the loss of plants due to critters. I went to Massachusetts to watch our son graduate with his Masters in Teaching Children with Learning Disablities from Simmons College. While gone I lost: 150 tomatoes, 75 sweet peppers, 75 cucumbers, 36 squash, all of my herb (including chives that everyone says nothing eats) and the list goes on. So would like to enter a chance to win a hose. (So Sorry for the rant )

  4. DaveGlasebrook says:

    Roses are red,
    Our Dramm’s are black,
    They make watering easy,
    And don’t give us a heart attack.

    Our Dramm soakers are really top notch hoses.

  5. Goldie says:

    I’d choose purple to match my garden gate!

  6. Carol says:

    If I had an orange hose I might have to reconsider the color of the new path. Luckily, the new path is still imaginary. What would work with an orange hose? hhhmmm….

  7. Adam says:

    I would be happy with any color. I currently have a hose I use to water the vegetable garden that has a hole in it when I got a little too close with my lawnmower. A new hose would be lovely!

  8. Nicole says:

    I’m thinking purple and/or orange. But mostly just purple.

  9. Jessica says:

    I’m a poor graduate student. I live in Southern California. The hoses I have in my garden are so old and in such bad shape that it’s easier to just water with a watering can. A snazzy new hose would just about make my summer.

  10. Kylie says:

    I’m loving the yellow. Purple and green, too, but mostly the yellow. 🙂

  11. Tamara says:

    Woo-hoo!!! Why haven’t more people thought of this before? The purple is AWESOME. I want.

  12. Bria says:

    I am constantly at war with my cheap hoses so I’d love to try a new one and in orange, to match my orange house!

  13. Paul W says:

    I’ve used a 100′ yellow one of these since last July and love it. It’s tough as nails, doesn’t kink much, and doesn’t look like a black snake lying the grass. I plan to get a 50′ one from Dramm at one of the summer shows, but not if I win one from you instead 🙂 Really a superb hose – I’m sorry you haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet!

  14. Susan says:

    Wow- everybody loves the purple! Me, too, of course! This year has been a test of the drought tolerance of everything I have put in for the last 10 years- no moisture at all in March, hardly any in April.

  15. Megan says:

    ooo, I would love a colored hose as my front yard hose hangs right in plain sight (until the baby shrubs get bigger) and there is no room for a hose box. A blue one would blend in so nicely with the house! Less distraction from the plants!

  16. Nora says:

    I just put a spade through my hose last fall. Would love a red one!

  17. Deirdre says:

    I have mended my hose so many times there won’t be much left but connectors soon. I was thinking orange, but it reminds me of extension cords, I’d go with red.

  18. Deb says:

    Hi Amy! Would love a chance to win a purple one — purple is my favorite color!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. maggie says:

    Since it’s foggy here a lot in the summer, a nice orange hose would look good hanging off the warm gray siding.
    It would also go with my Arbutus unedo, Carex testacea and Stipa arundinacea, which warm up the summer garden.
    Plus, last night I parked my truck on top of my old, old minty green hose and had two flat spots in it this morning.
    Because I resent my old hose, with its permanent twisted place that always strangles the water flow, I fling it on ground and sometimes drive over it.
    An orange hose would always be returned to the well-designed Hefty Hose Hanger I’ve had above the hose bibb for over a decade.

  20. Nora says:

    The purple is smashing!! I love anything that flowers purple and that hose would coordinate very nicely!

  21. Kate says:

    I really want a red hose with an orange sprayer!!! Can we mix and match colors? My current hose is a piece-of-crap too-short abomination and come the hot weather, a sturdy, colorful hose would be GREAT!

  22. Barbara Conner says:

    Love the look. Any hose color that doesn’t look like a garter snake would be fine with me.

  23. Sue Hepner says:

    We should be dry and hot, but the heat keeps running away…dry tho is our present state…

  24. Carolyn says:

    Sign me up!

  25. LL says:

    My house is Easter Egg Lavendar — a matching hose would be nice.

  26. Amy R says:

    Super snazzy colors! Can’t decide which I like best…purple? Orange? Blue? All of the above :). Thanks for your awesome give aways, as well as your consistently fun and informative posts.

  27. Rocky says:

    I’d love to have a good working, non-kinking hose on my truck to use at my client’s houses. Just tired of using their cheap, kink ridden garden hoses! Please send any color my way. Thanks

  28. Ictero says:

    Orange is my favorite color! The hose would match the lilies blooming right now. It’s kind of hard to believe after 8 inches of rain a couple of weeks ago, but the garden could actually use a little water right now.

  29. lisab says:

    Just bought one in purple. love it . It only came in 50 ft sections, so i need another. Also it’s made in the USA.

  30. Susan in WNC says:

    I’m plagued with hoses with permanent kinks, all in boring green. One of these would not only be more colorful, it’d also actually let the water flow through its unkinked length.

  31. Jean says:

    I really need some hoses, because it always gets hot and f=dry in North Carolina in the summer.
    Aside from my need for hoses, I really need you all to continue to rant. No, a 250 word article is not too much for me (nor for many others) to read. I want to read that much and more. A tweet just can’t satisfy my longing for garden chatter, wisdom, and fun.

  32. Darin says:

    Yay purple!

  33. Laura says:

    O-oooooo, a water hose! If I get a purple garden hose, I promise to dress all in purple and sing the Barney song at work from the top of my lungs in the hallway. (I work in a large science building with some very serious professors.) ….”I love you! You love me!…” If it’s a green hose, I’ll dress in green and sing Kermit’s song. 🙂

  34. Mary says:

    Hi, I have a Dramm hose, blue, in my front yard and garden and I like it very much. So I am sure that a purple one would feel would feel right at home in my backyard and garden.

  35. Michelle says:

    We would love a new hose. Purple please! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  36. dave says:

    Wow!!! Six enticing colors!!!

  37. Jessica says:

    I think blue would be the perfect color for a hose.

  38. tropaeolum says:

    FINALLY! I hose that no one will run over with the lawn mower. I love it!

    Can I have all the colors? How can I pick just one?

    Okay, maybe purple. That way Dad won’t steal it.

  39. Suze in CO says:

    I know everybody (me, included) loves that purple hose, but you’re giving away a sprayer as well, correct? I would love an orange sprayer! Every spray head that comes into my house takes the short road to the trash, so I need it way more than I need the hose right now.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. MiSchelle says:

    Considering my weirdly-shaped property, 30′ wide by 300′ long, I’m always in need of more hoses. In honor of our town’s school colors I’ll choose orange.

  41. Laura says:

    I’m in!

  42. Elizabeth says:

    It’s dry. Need another hose!

  43. Jen. says:

    I would live a purple hose! If nothing more than to say I have a purple hose.

  44. Colleen says:

    I’d adore a purple hose. It has been my dream- had to settle on an olive one last year because that is all they had and they are expensive!! I water by hand so it helps a great deal!!

  45. I like the blue! And I LOVE the new site! Haven’t been able to comment (or enter to win cool garden swag) in ages!

  46. Anne says:

    Orange! I can never have enough hoses around here. Plus, my spray nozzle is about to fall apart. Pouring down rain here in the Columbia River Gorge right now though!

  47. Stesse says:

    Purple all the way! I mean, what else would match with an avocado green house with red trim and an orange garage with blue trim? (Yes, the house came that way. In SoCal, home of the beige.) It also came with about 6 hoses, each of which has a different hole, kink, mold, or other fatal disease…

  48. Sheryl says:

    Heck, I don’t care about the color, I just need a kink-proof hose. It’s the holy grail in Phoenix, lemme tell you.

  49. Thad says:

    Blue looks nice. Yellow would stand out. Such a tough decision …

  50. Matt says:

    Blue, it’s blue.

  51. Fred Karp says:

    So why did I ever buy a hose that constantly kinks?

  52. a8ala says:

    I’m a purple person.

  53. Jen says:

    How lovely! Please throw my name in the hat.


  54. Jill says:

    Oh how I’d love a purple hose……

  55. Liza says:

    I love my DRAMM sprayer! This would be a festive – and hardy – complement!

  56. Linda says:

    Well, don’t need to water yet – it’s pouring here in Anacortes. However, it was dry enough yesterday to cut down the Clematis montana rubens (4 years growth)! Hoorah! I don’t need to win anything – I just need to announce the clematis is pruned!

  57. Judy F says:

    Please please please let me win the purple hose!!! I love it!!!

  58. gmarieb says:

    Love the blue! Thank you.

  59. Purple is my favorite color. I’d love to try out this hose and blast some color into my garden supplies.

  60. Paul D. says:

    I like turtles!

  61. watertowergirl says:

    Purple for sure. It would look great with my yellow flowers.

  62. CindyP says:

    I love my long handled Dramm watering head. It’s red.

    A hose to match would be divine. I can’t think of a word to rhyme with red that works!

  63. Deborah Durland says:

    I need another hose. We are in a water shortage here in Upstate SC.

  64. Colored hoses and timers and nozzles? Be still my heart! This may be necessary in my garden. If I won, I’d have to pick purple!

  65. Terry says:

    I’m definitely a purple gal. Would love to have one of these.

  66. Chris Alkire says:

    Hooray for pretty hoses!

  67. Rick F says:

    Any color would be nice outside of black!

  68. Rick F says:

    Any color would be nice outside of black which gets your hands dirty — at least ours does!

  69. Stacey says:

    Purple hoses would blend in with my purple themed garden

  70. Megan says:

    I love my Dramm wand! Everything Dramm that I’ve used has been super high quality, so I would love to add their hoses to our garden.

  71. Jim says:

    Living in the desert of Phoenix – a quality hose is always welcomed. Blue sounds cool. I’d love a blue one to replace the old one out back!

  72. Elizabeth says:

    I need extra hoses.

  73. Leslie says:

    I am always on the search for a good hose…and love Dramm sprinklers so imagine the hoses would be great.

  74. Jenny Patterson says:

    OHHHH Purple!!!

  75. Dramm makes some great products and I would love trial this hose.
    I love the color purple!!

  76. A. Marina Fournier says:

    Start *wearing* purple, as well as using it!
    Save for one, our entire tribal-style bellydance troupe adores purple, in any shade. Start Wearing Purple, by a heavily accented Gogal Bordello, is a song we dance to often. Four of his versions on YouTube–give a sample a listen.

  77. Andy W says:

    I won’t stand for one more kink Dramm it

  78. emily says:

    I’m painting the trim on my shed purple and if I had a purple hose I could tell the neighbors that I had to paint the shed to go with the hose…..

  79. Rachael says:

    Maybe that would help me actually water!

  80. Lindsay says:

    What?! They make hoses in a color other than black and green?! Yes, please. Send one my way.

  81. Stephanie says:


  82. theresa says:

    Perfect timing, I was just online today looking at watering wands AND hoses… would LOVE the blue set!! Thank you!

  83. Wonderful giveaway! Tough choice, they all look so nice. I would like to replace my “black” hose because my dog and cat are confused between it and the big Black Snakes, they look at me and the black hose so strangely because they think it should be a snake.

    I would LOVE to replace my black hose with a colorful “Blue” hose and wand! ~ Thanks!

  84. Suzanne says:

    Purple, please. I have retired 2 hoses so far this year. The one I have gets kinks in it, is too heavy (I am recovering from a broken wrist), and causes obscenities to fly from my mouth when it won’t cooperate–both the wrist and the hose!

  85. Pam M says:

    I think that I would go for orange.

  86. oukay says:

    I love purple – it would go with our house!!

  87. Todd DeVore says:

    I drag hoses around during rain-free months the past few summers, so I’d love them.

  88. Ruthie says:

    We run a semi-permanent gravity-fed irrigation system from our pond, so always have hoses running everywhere. A purple hose would really be a lift to my spirit while I’m dragging it around the garden.

  89. Mimi says:

    I would love to try out this cool purple hose.

  90. Deborah says:

    Maybe I would be a little daring and choose an orange one! It would look great coordinating with my tomatoes and single red marigolds while I am watering my allotment! I’d love it!

  91. Nell Jean says:

    A purple hose would coordinated with my Purple Daturas now coming into bloom.

  92. Kelly O'Keefe says:

    A purple hose would look lovely in my garden.

  93. Lillian Kuo says:

    Lovely color !

  94. Sally in SC says:

    I Dramm about good hoses…

  95. commonweeder says:

    Water – often too much – or too little. I love colorful hoses.

  96. Sue Schwartz says:

    I agree with those who said any color as long as it doesn’t look like a black snake in the grass. There is a black snake on my front porch right now, who is apparently waiting for me to come back out with tea and gardening magazines ! I don’t have any intention of hurting him; I’m just not into sharing the porch with him(her), so I’m reading inside for now.

  97. Tomi Matthews says:

    I’ve had problems with some of Dramm’s colorful products like the hose sprayer that lost its ability to turn off and is now always “on,” requiring turning the water off at the faucet. But it is a lovely orange color which I never lose in the garden.
    Appealing to consumers this way is good only if the products work well. As for the hose, “not kinking much” doesn’t sound like much of an endorsement. The problem with so many garden hoses is they are so well coiled that they can’t be uncoiled sufficiently. Pull on them and they kink. My next hose will be one sold to bricklayers and the like. A stone mason won’t put up with kinky-ness, hose-wise.

  98. Amanda says:

    Count me in.

  99. WendyK says:

    Love the purple one! Thanks for the giveaway! My hose is leaking so I could use a new one.

  100. Eve says:

    Blue sound speacdful, but I have to agree with the earlier commenter that it’s the idea of the sprayer that warms my heart. I’ve yet to find one that lasts more than one season with my kids!

  101. thanh says:

    So cool to have brightly colored hoses. Finally, a company that has actual gardeners in mind. We love color in our gardens, why not fantastic colors for our hoses? Kudos! And thannks for the giveaway. Not only a great blogger but a generous one too. 🙂

  102. Touia says:

    Yellow or Purple either would be great! The one I have leaks so bad I put the part with the leak down in a bucket when I’m watering my flower beds, and use the bucket of water for the chickens. I try not to be wasteful. 🙂

  103. Michael says:

    These are nice hoses-robust construction, solid fittings–but a bit heavy in the 100′ lengths. That said, there is little to find fault with a purple hose.

  104. Autumn says:

    Thinking I could replace the hand-me-down hoses inherited with the house purchase, seeing as how they are a kinky mess…

  105. Deliamo says:

    The purple would look fantastico in our yard! Thank you!

  106. Laura Bell says:

    Not a fan of purple, but blue is my favorite color … and seems appropriate for watering my thirsty, thirsty garden.

  107. jess s says:

    I love the orange and yellow ones — a great way for hoses to protect themselves (from weed wackers and mowers) in my dangerous yard.

  108. Catherine says:

    How energizing and cool. I’d love a purple one!

  109. Laine says:

    I got this beautiful purple hose by Dramm a few years ago and it faded a lot the first year. I live in the Pacific Northwest where there isn’t much sun and the plastic on the greenhouses is still intact after 16 years so I thought the hose would keep its color better than it has. Otherwise it is a good hose.

  110. Just finished our family sized backyard aquaponic setup this week
    with koi providing the nutrients. Planted the media bed yesterday,
    the lettuces and herbs starts will fill the raft area today.
    Exciting times here and a great new hose would “top off” the project.

  111. Hosta Hater says:

    I will not water Hostas with it.

  112. […] We have winners!  Two of them!  Anne wins the hose-end sprayer and Lindsay wins the hose.  (I’ve sent emails to both of you, so you should know who you are.) Thanks, everybody, for indulging a little Dramm fabulousness. […]

  113. Charlotte Owendyk says:

    Please Pick Me…and Purple PLEASE….thank you Dramm for the giveaways.