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More Free Stuff From Fiskars

And the Fiskars fun continues.  They have also offered to give you people anUpRoot Weeder, another tool that Gen and I reviewed last year.  If you have a lawn, or some other part of your garden that gets overrun with little annoying weeds, this is the most fun toy ever. (And it works.)  Really, I had such a good time playing around with this thing.  You can read my earlier post here and Gen’s here.

We actually ended up doing two videos because we were having such a good time.  I’ll post them both below.  What you need to know is that you can post any kind of weed-related comment to win, and you can also go over to Gen’s blog and get one there, too.

and the next one is:

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89 responses to “More Free Stuff From Fiskars”

  1. Does it work in all soils? (Let’s hear it for clay soils!) I’d love to have something to help with those taproots — my current strategy of snapping them is fine for a week or two.

  2. Steph says:

    Will it work on poke weed? I want it!

  3. DonnaBanach says:

    No matter how deep I dig out taproots, I never get the full taproot. Looks like this tool would work very well for me.

  4. Riley Quarles says:

    … i wonder what our “lawn” would look like if i got one of these – would there be any green left?

  5. CEN says:

    Look out dandelions…

  6. two words: crab grass. Crab grass that has been allowed to run free for twenty years before I moved here. Since crab grass is the highlander of weeds (no matter how often you think it’s finally dead, it just keeps coming back), that tool would, I imagine, be very handy. And certainly more practical than charging at the yard with a broad sword . . . which I’ve been tempted to do.

  7. Laura says:

    This is just what we need!

  8. Linda Secrist says:

    anything to make my life easier as i age. I need this tool

  9. Justine V. says:

    Looks promising for tackling my weed patch (ie – veggie garden). Would love to give it a try!

  10. Jen. says:

    Perfect! I lost my old not-so-perfect weeder to our former Community Garden, so would love to have a replacement. However, given that our lawn is a lovely mix of clover, weeds, clover, weeds, grass, weeds, clover, I’d hate to see what might be left!

  11. Teri says:

    I’m the crazy neighbour that sits on my front lawn with a garden knife and ice cream bucket pulling dandelions and other weeds by hand. Maybe I would get fewer funny looks this way? Here is hoping anyway.

  12. tropaeolum says:

    Poison ivy is the bane of my existence.

    Would this tool really enable me to pull it out without using my hands?

    The thought makes me giddy.

  13. lisab says:

    If it can get at creeping charlie, I’m in. Otherwise I will enjoy the little purple flowers for now and curse its inevitable invasion later.

  14. Stacia says:

    This would work great on our never ending crabgrass battle!

  15. travis orders says:

    We want it!!!! My wife has had four surgeries on her lower back, and this would be a dream come true. I just want it because it looks like fun to use. 🙂 My neighbors want me to have it, because I refuse to use chemicals to kill my dandelions, and it is murdering their beautiful lawn. har!

  16. Aaron Barr says:

    Having spent about 6 hours doing dandelion pulling this year, my knees would REALLY have appreciated one of these! Count me in!

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I have so many dandelions. I really need this thing. Plus, it looks fun.

  18. cpeterson says:

    The dandelions are taking over! This could be the answer!

  19. Mary says:

    I think my neighbors would like it if I won this.

  20. kristin says:

    I have millions of annoying weeds, this would be fantastic!

  21. Jackie Mitchell says:

    I want one…

  22. Elizabeth says:

    This tool looks amazing! I’m a huge fan of Fiskars in general, so it makes me happy that they have done it again with this weeding tool. You guys were having so much fun in those videos, it makes me want to try it, too.

  23. DK Colihan says:

    Been using this for 2 months now. It’s addictive. From my experience it does best on any/all tap root weeds. Creeping Charley… meh, not really. Crab grass, kind of. While you do get the meat of the crab grass you don’t get the subterranean root system that links those bastards.
    Also, if you are working in mulch, like we are in some areas, it isn’t as easy because you have to clean the mulch off the end. But, it still saves you from having to bend down and dig in and I managed to get rid of hundreds in the mulch.
    But the shotgun action of flinging them into the bucket… totally worth the small price of admission.

  24. Heather says:

    This looks pretty fun! But can you hold a beer in the other hand while you weed with this thing?

  25. CindyP says:

    Keeping my husband from using chemicals on the lawn to kill the weeds is an ongoing battle. This little gadget just might satisfy his desire to exterminate things.

  26. Gerry says:

    Amy, since i am changing my vegetable garden size from 20′ long to 100′ I can ONLY imagine how this tool could help me. We have lived at our home for 35 years and only this year have decided to quit listening to my husband and taking over LOTS of the lawn for a much better use; heirloom and organic garden. Hoping to win this one.

  27. Sandra Knauf says:

    Dandelions are some of the very first forage for honeybees. I started pulling out some a couple of weeks ago, was reminded about that, and thought, heck, I’ll let them be – for the bees! Such big tools for not-so-big problems in life.

  28. incredimombo says:

    OMWord…really? We just planted new lawn last year and it looks shamazing, but the fence blew down to our neighbors and they are COVERED in dandelions – what a nice neighborly thing I could do in loaning them this perfect piece of equipment 😉

  29. magpie says:

    How about stinking bishop (My pet name for bishop’s weed)? Will it get that out of the pachysandra?

  30. Evelyn says:

    Count me in! Thanks 🙂

  31. Anything that helps with taproots is good. The less kneeling I have to do, the more my knees love it.

  32. Robyn R. says:

    I’d say my yard is about 40% dandelions this spring. Need one of these!

  33. Denise says:

    I need to weed!

  34. Fred says:

    Does “really works” include dandelions? Do they come back? Half my front yard is now either yellow or fluff. Fine from the pollinators’ view, but the neighbors are looking askance. I’m only asking for control without chemicals.

  35. Kris Peterson says:

    My “mow and blow” gardener approached me last week to suggest that we REALLY need to do something about the weeds in my lawn. I told him I wouldn’t use poison and he walked away dejectedly – apparently, he doesn’t pull weeds. I do but, frankly, can’t keep up with the volume of Spring bloomers and, until I can get around to removing the lawn at my new house, I could use something like this!

  36. Valerie says:

    I wish they’d also invent something that would get up creeping charlie and bermuda grass! I swear I can hear it growing in my sleep!!

  37. Adam Lusk says:

    This looks like it might make weeding fun. Please sign me up!

  38. Andrea Stewart says:

    Oooo. You’ve sold me on it. I was considering one from Johnny’s Seed company but wasn’t sure it worked. But you guys look to be having so much fun.

  39. Suzanne Offner says:

    I seriously need to get one of these. I have weeds on top of weeds due to ignoring a large part of my yard for a year. It would take time to use this to clear things up, but it would be more permanent than a weed whacker.

  40. Carol E says:

    ‘Take that, ye little bastards’, is what I would say (in a Scottish accent, by the way)as I extracted dandelions and friends with the UpRoot Weeder.

  41. Pat says:

    A weed is just a flower in the wrong place. NO. That’s just what they want us to think. This tool might help in the constant battle to keep them in their place (roadside/not my yard).

  42. Morgan says:

    Weeds…to be honest I love sunny dandelions and probably wouldn’t get rid of them 🙂 Thistles are a totally different story….

  43. anzelina says:

    Last year the high school football field adjacent to our house was finally mowed after months (perhaps a year?) of laying fallow. Dandelion seeds were spread EVERYWHERE. I want to die.

  44. emily says:

    I think dandelions are so lovely I only touch them when they’re in the perennial beds. But there are still plenty of weeds to pull – I just finished the annual Spring purge of garlic mustard. And I could really use help with the weeds in my vegetable garden and with that other stuff that grows everywhere but I haven’t managed to identify…..

  45. Kate says:

    Burdock? We have plenty, with tap roots that go down about 3 feet! Think it would work?

  46. Autumn says:

    Hmmm…and here I thought it was just me with all the dandelions! I suppose if I pulled a few up with this, the HOA might overlook the rest!

  47. Amy R says:

    Here’s where I meant to comment on 3 year olds foofing dandelion seed heads all over…I could put this weed puller to good use!

  48. Debbie says:

    I’m the neighbor that goes out and picks all the little yellow flowers from the dandelions in my lawn! Anything to keep them from spreading and no chemicals. Trying to hand pick they just snap at the ground level. Very frustrating! And did you know that even if you mow the flowers off they still continue to go to seed? Oh yes they will.

  49. brandon says:

    I’ve got too many weeds!

  50. karenj says:

    This would really help with our attempts to turn our acre-plus future home site into a reasonable place. Not all of it is grass, but also wild woods and field, and I would love to get the noxious elements (burdock, canadian thistle, dandies, garlic mustard) reduced without killing all of the good guys with poison….trying to increase biodiversity, not kill everything in sight! Does this thing work in the tall grass and brush too? My 50+ yr old back would love it…

  51. MarionB says:

    Love this tool. My neighbor just the other day threatened to come over and spray our dandelions before they seed and float to her lawn. This would be an awesome antidote.

  52. It is an interesting tool. I’d like to give it a try.

  53. Patricia says:

    I need a handy dandy weed puller too! My yard is giant and my son loves to blow the dandelion seeds… I may sell him to the circus! Please gift me one of these babies!

  54. Pete B says:

    I wonder how this would work on the Canadian thistle, the bane of my existence?

  55. Donna Lane says:

    Can you send it air express before the weeds … help!

  56. TL Salinas says:

    Maybe with this tool my kids will agree to help me weed the yard!

  57. skills0 says:

    Getting tired of getting up dandelions one by one with a trowel, this would be great.

  58. Catherine says:

    My property is overrun by wisteria – pretty flowers, but its choking out EVERYTHING. I say it counts as a weed.

  59. Jeane says:

    I have sooo many dandelions, not to mention dock, plantain, crabgrass- this looks fun to use on all those nasty buggars!

  60. Katherine says:

    So, we stopped having that evil company come and spray our lawn a few years ago when our poor dog Queen went blind after one of their visits! The lawn now looks terrible…weeds everywhere: dandelions, crabgrass, and this very persistent foot tall spiky thing that goes to seed in a matter of a day. But I feel so much better about our yard without spraying. I have come to peace with the weeds…on most days. I think this tool would really help on those days that the weeds bother me.

  61. gmarieb says:

    I would love this. The weed I want to rid is the nut grass. I will try anything different to get rid of this weed. Looking forward to a great mother’s day gift from me to me! Thank you.

  62. LindaCO says:

    It’d be great if this helped me find the Bindweed mothership, but I’d settle for help with the crabgrass and dandelions. 🙂

  63. Andy says:

    I just need something stylish like that so when I’m out weeding my front yard/prairie garden on the main street that I live on, I will look as awesome as my yard does to all the traffic passing by.

  64. Stacey says:

    I need this tool. really.

  65. Judy says:

    I think this would be great for my grandsons who have actually been pulling dandelions for me (by hand).

  66. Jess says:

    My yard is about 75% dandelions, so pick me.

  67. Valerie says:

    My neighbors don’t tend their yard and right now ours is a mess of dandelions and foxtails because of it! Every day when my husband comes home, he spends about 10 minutes out front pulling weeds. Maybe this will get him the house faster!

  68. Heather says:

    Would love to use this on our front lawn. Watch out dandelions!

  69. R.J.M.H. says:

    I would have to exercise great restraint with one of these tools in my hands. Since our lawn is 98% weeds, my wife would find I’ve turned it into a field of clay mud.

  70. amber says:

    as someone with back pain and chronic rsi issues in my hands/arms weeding for half an hour can mean i can’t type or fold clothes or do anything with my hands for days… i wonder if this would help?

  71. Lisa D. says:

    I have many weeds…this is the tool for me. This tool even makes weeding look kinda fun. Thanks!

  72. a8ala says:

    Mugwort with its long insidious roots.

  73. Dave says:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are black,
    Fiskars makes it easy,
    The weeds to attack!

  74. erin bailey says:

    Hi, I need a new way of pulling dandelions without aggravating my tendinitis problems. I keep my lawns hand weeded and this sounds like a faster and easier-on-the-wrist method.
    Sign me up! I think I will have to turn my sister in law on to this, also. Thanks

  75. Carolyn says:

    I think my husband & kids would get excited about using that thing. I might actually get some help tyring to salvage my yard!

  76. Dwhiteoak says:

    Please help! We had to put in a huge ugly septic mound and it’s already covered with weeds. Prairie seed is on its way but I have to clear (and maintain) the weeds for the native plants to thrive. If you love prairie and all of the wildlife it supports (and who doesn’t?), please help me combat the weeds with a Fiskars UpRoot Weeder.

    Thank you!

  77. dawn says:

    This is the year I really start working on getting the weeds controlled. This would help me fight back against the plantain, and creeping charlie

  78. LJ says:

    Ugh, accidentally dug up peony root trying to get enormous dandelion plant. This could be the ticket!

  79. Emily Shirley says:

    We had such drought in Louisiana last year, the grass died, and the weeds took over. This looks like just the solution to getting rid of the weeds so the grass can have a chance at coming back.

  80. Emily Shirley says:

    I have seen this tool, but was not sure how it worked. The video was a great help. Now I want one and to win one would be great. I so need this thing.

  81. Kara says:

    Amazing! I have some fierce weeds in my front yard– the lawn of dandelions and the packed-weed area where a sidewalk should be. I recently spent a morning out there weeding, and nearly threw my back out with all of the bending and such. I love that this tool is a cure for that!

  82. Rene' says:

    You make it look so easy! My husband would go after the dandelions with a pronged weeder but this year he seems to have given in to them. Maybe this tool would help.

  83. Meg says:

    Since my neighbors don’t care about weeds, this would be great for digging out everything that blows into my yard,..

  84. Tom Mann says:

    I remember the videos from last year! Thnks for the contest

  85. I’m not sure if this is over or not, but since I won’t let my husband use chemicals anymore, we NEED this!

  86. Sherlock Campbell says:

    looks great! with that, weeds might actually be in trouble in my yard!

  87. Elaine Sumner says:

    At first I thought, I don’t really need this. Dandelions are pretty and our yard is small. Then I remembered those few thistles and the dock that insists on invading my space every year. This land used to be a farmer’s field, and the owner of this mobile home park never really improved the yards, so… yes, I would like one of these awesome tools for my very own! Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway. I will head over to the other side to repeat my story. 🙂 Elaine Sumner

  88. Terry says:

    I just planted a native grass lawn. The dandelions must go! This would be perfect for the job. And yes, once you get down to dig out weeds, it’s better to just stay there than to get up and down repeatedly.

  89. Donna Rivers says:

    oh my, could it be? we are working on a small (but quickly spreading) infestation of garlic mustard at our newly uncovered educational garden site. help, help, before they seed out!