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Farmer pirates get their dump truck!

Avast and belay! I couldn’t help but notice some familiar names on the Kickstarter list, so thanks to any of our readers who contributed to the Farmer Pirates Kickstarter campaign. They made their goal late last night, and will be able to expand their compost program, collecting food waste and other materials from throughout Buffalo and hauling it back to be used in large-scale compost production.

$15,000 was raised, 3k of it over the last 2 days of the campaign.

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2 responses to “Farmer pirates get their dump truck!”

  1. greg draiss says:

    This is so cool!

    the TROLL

  2. Sandra Knauf says:

    This IS wonderful! When I saw that they had only 49 hours to go (and a couple thousand dollars left to raise) I contributed a very small sum and reposted on Facebook–what a joy to see that my little bit of help might have done its part as well. See, we can make a difference!