It's the Plants, Darling

And of course, it wouldn’t be May…

…if I didn’t brag about my tulips. This year, I focused on hybrids in containers, as well as in the two round raised beds on the hellstrip. In the containers: Triumphs Prinses Irene and Passionale (these are the ones I brought inside).

On the hellstrip: Temple of Beauty (Single Late). I also added more species and greigiis in the ground; greigiis are my new favorites. These are Oratorio.

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9 responses to “And of course, it wouldn’t be May…”

  1. Natalie Webb says:

    They’re so gorgeous! I had good luck with daffs this year (first time planting bulbs), but I have heard that the little bastard squirrels dig up tulip bulbs like nobody’s business. Any tips for preventing that?

  2. Robin Ripley says:

    Lovely. I was impressed with what a gardening town Buffalo is, despite the short summers and cold winters. You are hearty folk up there. Are you saving the tulips in containers for another post?

  3. Becca says:

    your tulips are absolutely gorgeous! do you think i would be able to plant some as of now? is has the season for planting then passed?

  4. Eliz says:

    Natalie, I have never had a problem with squirrels. Robin, the containers are on the porch and in between the shrubs. Too subtle? Becca, you must wait until fall.

  5. Robin Ripley says:

    Eliz, I see the containers. I just want to see more of them!

  6. Sandra Knauf says:

    Every spring I rue not buying more tulips in the fall. But I did buy dahlias this year for the first time (and more than I could afford) thanks to The 50 Mile Bouquet. I guess it all works out? Ha.

  7. Susan says:

    Beautiful, Elizabeth! This reminds me that I need more tulips this fall…… Thanks for sharing!

  8. Autumn says:

    I tried tulips in containers this year…but I think our 80 degree April must have messed things up…only got two very small and weak blooms!

  9. tropaeolum says:

    All my tulips were bloomed out by last week. I planted a ton in pots for my sister-in-law for Mother’s Day. I had to give them to her the first week in April! This has just been the oddest year for weather.