It's the Plants, Darling

And of course, it wouldn’t be May…

…if I didn’t brag about my tulips. This year, I focused on hybrids in containers, as well as in the two round raised beds on the hellstrip. In the containers: Triumphs Prinses Irene and Passionale (these are the ones I brought inside).

On the hellstrip: Temple of Beauty (Single Late). I also added more species and greigiis in the ground; greigiis are my new favorites. These are Oratorio.

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9 responses to “And of course, it wouldn’t be May…”

  1. tropaeolum says:

    All my tulips were bloomed out by last week. I planted a ton in pots for my sister-in-law for Mother’s Day. I had to give them to her the first week in April! This has just been the oddest year for weather.

  2. Autumn says:

    I tried tulips in containers this year…but I think our 80 degree April must have messed things up…only got two very small and weak blooms!

  3. Susan says:

    Beautiful, Elizabeth! This reminds me that I need more tulips this fall…… Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sandra Knauf says:

    Every spring I rue not buying more tulips in the fall. But I did buy dahlias this year for the first time (and more than I could afford) thanks to The 50 Mile Bouquet. I guess it all works out? Ha.

  5. Robin Ripley says:

    Eliz, I see the containers. I just want to see more of them!

  6. Eliz says:

    Natalie, I have never had a problem with squirrels. Robin, the containers are on the porch and in between the shrubs. Too subtle? Becca, you must wait until fall.

  7. Becca says:

    your tulips are absolutely gorgeous! do you think i would be able to plant some as of now? is has the season for planting then passed?

  8. Robin Ripley says:

    Lovely. I was impressed with what a gardening town Buffalo is, despite the short summers and cold winters. You are hearty folk up there. Are you saving the tulips in containers for another post?

  9. Natalie Webb says:

    They’re so gorgeous! I had good luck with daffs this year (first time planting bulbs), but I have heard that the little bastard squirrels dig up tulip bulbs like nobody’s business. Any tips for preventing that?