A Seed-Based Romance

Photo credit: Seed Savers Exchange.

LOVE this wedding storyin today’s New York Times!  The bride, Dr. Amy Goldman, is chairwoman of the Seed Savers Exchange and the groom, Dr. Cary Fowler is head of theGlobal Crop Diversity Trust, which helps run the famous Svalbard Global Seed Vauilt in arctic Norway.  The couple is seen here at the vault.

My favorite part of the story:

As far as their study of seeds goes, the couple do have some differences:  Dr. Goldman likes “fruity vegetables,” while Dr.  Fowler prefers staples, like rice and wheat.

Photo credit:  Seed Savers Exchange.

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3 responses to “A Seed-Based Romance”

  1. Lillian says:

    All the best to this power couple!
    Wow…I still have a hard time believing this.

  2. Mary Gray says:

    They look very happy. May their mutual love of seeds carry them through the ups and downs of marriage for years to come. :o) Great story.

  3. I LOVE this site…it’s so informative and passionate. Keep it coming!