Winners of the Sonia Day books

Congratulations to our winners! Lisa/Chickens on the Lawn gets The Untamed Garden and A. Marina Fournier wins Incredible Edibles.

I know I am late posting this. Actually I was in the salon chair when 10 am struck. Beauty first, in the garden and in all things. Or most. I can tell Lisa at least would agree, judging from the Ryan Gosling visuals on her blog. Check it out!

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6 responses to “Winners of the Sonia Day books”

  1. Catie says:

    A. Marina Fournier? If you read the comments on this post, is this the same Marina Fournier that subscribed to “Wordplay” a wonderful and witty list about words and word origins, etc. – like 17 years ago? If you see this and you are, please let me know – this is Catie Drew. Small world!

  2. Catie says:

    P.S. – And Marina Fournier – I was the one who used to work for the Smithsonian, and we both knew Kristian Fauchald. – Catie

  3. Lisa says:

    Yay, super excited to have won one of the books!! Thanks for the shout out to my little blog, as well. Ryan Gosling talking about gardening, well . . . it’s the dream, no? : )

  4. A. Marina Fournier says:

    Catie–how very amazing! Feel free to contact me at saffronrose at me dot com.

    Yes, I was indeed on Wordplay until I ran out of time for actively participating. My infant son from that time just turned 18…

    I think I’ve met Kristian a whole once. I did finally get to visit the Smithsonian museums in July 2001, after friends exchanged vows of marriage in spite of the fact that there was no legal way for them to do. In the brief time that it was legal to do so, they did get married in CA, and I think Leonard & Kristian did as well. I got to see Len during our visit. Our son was 7, and Len played with him so that I thought it was too bad they couldn’t adopt. I said that he’d make a fine uncle, but apparently his sister was being a PITA about him being gay.

    I will withhold any more details until you’re able to email me.

  5. A. Marina Fournier says:

    Thank you for randomly allowing me to have Incredible Edibles! I am going to have to buy The Untamed Garden, as well–it sounds like just the kind of botanical history I love to read.

  6. A. Marina Fournier says:

    The book has arrived, and the other awaits me at my local Barnes & Noble. I caved and ordered the New Western Garden Book, which wings its way Campbell-ward even now.

    Thank you again–I look forward to exploration with Incredible Edibles, and reading plant porn later on.