The tulips + Eco-Lawn experiment in progress


At the request of my friend Miriam Goldberger, co-founder and owner of Wildflower Farm, I have sown Eco-Lawn grass seed in my forced tulips, which are coming up now. Eco-Lawn is a fescue grass that, according to the WF site, is drought-tolerant, can be left unmown, and grows in shade. I can't attest to these claims, because I don't have a lawn and have never tried to grow or maintain one.

But this seemed like an interesting project. So far I like the effect of this grass. I have grown it in pots outside—again, just for fun—and of course it gets much thicker in those conditions. For grass grown indoors in winter, I think it's doing pretty well.

I'll post again when we have blooms on this and the other pots of tulips/grass I have going.

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2 responses to “The tulips + Eco-Lawn experiment in progress”

  1. greg draiss says:

    Fescue if left unmowed, especially creeping types, make a mounded unkempt meadow lawn look. However creeping fescues are hardly tolerant of dry weather. Perhaps it is the “tall” fescue kind that will grow in shade and is amazingly drought tolerant.

    However due to it’s clumpy coarse texture I doubt it will make an attractive unmowed lawn

    The TROLL

  2. Due to the Texas drought last season, we’re seeing an increased interest in the drought-resistant fescue and other heat-tolerant grasses.