“Give (Flowers) and Ye Shall Receive”

Among the buzzed-about Superbowl ads this year is this one from Teleflora.  So readers, what do YOU think of promoting flowers because they guarantee sex on Valentine's Night? 

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17 responses to ““Give (Flowers) and Ye Shall Receive””

  1. trey says:

    I am really not so sure what the fuss is about? It’s the Superbowl, the ultimate in over the top advertising. While you can make assumptions, where is the “guarantee” of sex? Have we become a bit prudish when we see a women getting dressed, and ready to go out, and that means sex? She is NOT undressing. Buy her flowers and she will dress nice, and you guys can have a great night out! If giving flowers guaranteed sex, we would have a lot fewer florists going out of business.

  2. Alan Lorence says:

    I was just happy to see a commercial about flowers.

  3. Della says:

    I thought it was a clever ad but personally I liked the Beckham ad better! 🙂

  4. Daedre says:

    Yikes! As a horticulturalist, the last thing I want as a gift are flowers. I see them every single day at work, so they’re not really special anymore.

  5. Abby says:

    *Anyone* can buy flowers – it takes true love to help me shovel horse manure!

  6. Kaviani says:

    Abby just won my heart.

  7. tibs says:

    Now if it was a box of good chocolate……

  8. greg draiss says:

    Another Hallmark Holiday. Men will $pend an average $125 on their ladies while the cheap ladies will only spend an average $18……..

    OK ladies: time to put up or shut up. Don’t say it with flowers say it with dollars for a change

    the TROLL

  9. A. Marina Fournier says:

    We agreed years ago that the price of flowers, chocolate, and a gift, along with an expensive dinner was just ridiculous. Flowers went first, chocolate is there some years, there have been a couple of years of nothing done save for a card, and given the state of things now, I’d feel like a hypocrite making a big fuss this year. Maybe we’ll have a nice three-generation dinner out this year.

    If I were a florist, I probably wouldn’t want a gift of what I work with daily. Something unusual, a carton of moss milkshake, a Redouté print nicely framed, or a botanical history of flowers would go well.

  10. Oriole k says:

    Locally grown flowers would be good. But I wouildn’t want any that came from uncertain origin with poor working conditions, pesticide exposure, etc.

  11. I’ve told my hubby over and over again that if he ever wastes his money on diamonds or flowers, I will kick his patooty. My idea of romance is when he straps on a toolbelt and puts drywall up in the bathroom, or builds me a garden new shed. **dreamy sigh**

  12. marthaeliza says:

    Flowers don’t guarantee sex. But washing dishes, windows and cleaning bathrooms is foreplay in this household.

  13. Laura Dalton says:

    I like to take the flowers I’ve grown in my own garden and give them to him. Even better is for him to go into the garden and enjoy the flowers and actually comment on how pretty they are.

  14. Gail says:

    I’d rather have the money that the overpriced, fungicided cut roses cost and grow my own! But I am very have with irises, tulips & daffodils from Trader Joes’ that he “buys” every year.

  15. Laura S says:

    Flowers are the plant’s way of advertising sex, right? It seems humans are getting the same message. I don’t watch TV so I could care less about the ad, but lets be real I pretty much drool over the intoxicating aroma of many flowers. They have me smitten.

  16. andy says:

    oh, a supermodel that accepts flowers rather than mastercard or treasure? what is her number