Oh darn—too late for valentine’s Day


This beef bouquet, as with much of the botanical-related weirdness I find on the interwebs, comes courtesy of Neatorama.com (first sighting) and  hungeree.com (original).

Joking aside, these flowers are better value and much more useful (if you’re a carnivore) than the sadly short-lived and near-odorless red roses that were sold by the gazillions Tuesday.

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6 responses to “Oh darn—too late for valentine’s Day”

  1. Yep, they would definitely have an odor alright. And hopefully they wouldn’t drip blood on the counter.

  2. Noadi says:

    If you made these from bacon or ham it would be even better. Mostly because either of those would keep much better than beef.

  3. tibs says:

    Noadi, I think you have come up with a great marketing idea for bacon. Bacon roses as a center peice for the breakfast table. Everyone select their own rose to fry. My hysband would love that.

  4. About as charming as Lady Gaga’s meat outfit.

  5. Doug says:

    I’ve nothing against common bacon, however a bouquet of proscuito roses would be quite grand.

  6. Melissa says:

    Haha, finally a flower gift that you can give a man on Vday