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Weird Wonderfulness from Hendrick’s Gin

As long as we're talking about booze today, here's a strange and marvelous thing:  the people at Hendrick's Gin are injecting their usual madcap absurdity into London Cocktail Week, an event it pains me greatly to miss.  Anyway, they've created an Umbrella Emporium to pay tribute to the cocktail umbrella.  Check this one out–the Mumbrella:  ‘A miniature umbrella made out of iridescent feathers is shielding a chicken egg sat on a nest. Is it waiting for the egg to hatch, or is it just shielding it from the morning rain before it gets eaten for breakfast? Only the Mumbrella knows…’ 

Well. There you have it.




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6 responses to “Weird Wonderfulness from Hendrick’s Gin”

  1. tropaeolum says:

    Why is there a huge cucumber in the last photo?

  2. Amy Stewart says:

    Well, Hendrick’s is all about the cucumbers–it’s one of the flavors in their gin.

  3. OK Ladies, we must ask that you do not consume alcoholic beverages with funny names or funny colors or that come with umbrellas. Violate these rules at your own risk.

  4. hobetz says:

    interesting 🙂

  5. commonweeder says:

    Can’t drink gin either but I love the umbrella.

  6. tropaeolum says:

    It reminds me of a ‘Suyo’ cucumber. At least they didn’t go for one of those nasty, mealy, waxed ones at the big supermarket.

    It just seems out of place next to a fancy shmancy umbrella in a glass case with an egg. Almost like someone was walking by and put down the cucumber and forgot to pick it up again.