Thank you, George

George Ball, the CEO of Burpee, sent me some 'Ruby Queen' corn seeds this spring.  Since I'm gardening in constrained circumstances this year, I used them in the Lake Avenue Elementary School garden.  The kids planted a nice ten foot by three foot block.

At our first Garden Club meeting last week, the kids harvested all of the big ears.  We boiled them up in my partner Carol's kitchen and served them with Kosher salt and butter. 

Wow.  The ears were a very pretty red color.  They turned the water bluish–I noticed that the Burpee catalog recommends microwaving or steaming to retain the color. They were delicious–meaty, not tough, not sweet.  Again, the catalog recommends harvesting at the pink stage for sweetness, but I liked the starchy flavor of these.  I think they'd be fantastic grilled. 

Our gardeners also liked 'Ruby Queen' and ate the corn in a noisy flash.

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5 responses to “Thank you, George”

  1. Love a good old-fashioned corn flavor – not the super sweets at the markets lately.

  2. Steven says:

    Corn is awesome!

  3. George Ball is a pariah on the American horticulture scene. He purchased one of America’s best gardening nurseries, Dan Hinkley’s Heronswood in Oregon. He raped and pillaged it and brought those plant6s with winter hardiness back to PA
    My three word title of my post about GB, wouldn’t be thank you G\ eorge. First word rhymes with duck and then you George.

  4. Michele Owens says:

    Hey Patrick, somebody sold that nursery, let’s not forget.

  5. MT says:

    Wasn’t Heronswood in Washington? I think they still open the gardens once a year…