Hosta book winner!

We have our randomly chosen winner, Laura, who is about #31 in the comments, and mentions Mouse Ears. (I will email you, Laura.) And I have added a couple of pictures so you can see I appreciate and own hostas (though I maintain that I do not find them as exciting as lilies, say, or exotic colacasia, both of which I also collect).

In terms of minis, I have and love the Mouse Ears, which is a classic. It is in a hypertufa container I craftily made myself. And I plan to buy more.

Michele says the book should be called The Big Book of Little Hostas. Ha.

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Hosta book winner!

Hosta book winner!

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2 responses to “Hosta book winner!”

  1. Adnan says:

    I live in zone 10.Although I succeeded in growing Clematis,Kiwi,Daylilies,Alliums,Akebia Longracemosa etc but Hostas never made it.I think I’ll have to set up a small green house to be able to grow plants like hostas,hydrangeas,viburnum etc.

    Thanks for sharing such nice shots.

  2. tibs says:

    For someone who is not that enraptured of Hostas, you have a nice little collection there.