Spotted at Bellevue

I couldn’t believe this was rodgersia.

Spotted at Bellevue

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5 responses to “Spotted at Bellevue”

  1. Deirdre says:

    The leaves don’t look like Rodgersia. Are you sure about that?

  2. Laura says:

    maybe a astilboides?

  3. Eliz says:

    Actually, , I think it has been classified as both, and hence the confusion. The natives were sticking with rodgersia.

  4. It’s definitely Astibioides Tabularis. I have this plant in my “Big Leaf Room” It’s a fantastic plant! It was first avilable at White Flower Farm about 10 years ago. Still not the common in most nurseries.

  5. Laine says:

    Astilboides tabularis is difficult for growers to grow. I tried and only a few plugs survived. I have tried from seed too and no luck there. It needs moist soil and shade in the garden. Really fabulous looking plant. Another plant that looks a bit like it is an Oregon native called Darmera peltata. The flowers come up in spring before the leaves and are pink. The leaves are smooth and big. Needs moist soil.