Loretta Lynn loves to garden too much

Gardening in 100+ heat sent the 76-year-old Tennessean to the hospital with heat exhaustion and forced her to cancel two shows. 

According to this story, Lynn now says "There ain't a tomato worth it."  No argument here.

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4 responses to “Loretta Lynn loves to garden too much

  1. Bless her heart. I worry about this happening to my grandfather. He doesn’t always realize how hot it is outside, now that he’s gotten older (88 years old) he stays cold and is always outside working in his yard and garden when it is hot out because to him it feels good. Wonder if this is what happened to her?

  2. That will do it.

    If she’s wearing dresses like that, no wonder she’s passing out. 😉

  3. wendy says:

    LMAO @ Barbara!