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Front Yards are for Partying!

Especially front yards along July 4th Parade routes.  Here's a sampling of people-filled front yards in Takoma Park, Maryland yesterday morning.  The weather was perfect.

Note the swimming pools.



Okay, this one is actually a front porch and balcony party.IMG_3015


Even in a nonelection year, residents show their support for a local pol.



Now what's terrible for partying is the type of front yard I like best – all-garden with no lawn.  These people have even turned their hell strip into a perennial garden, shown here in the foreground. Lovely.

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9 responses to “Front Yards are for Partying!”

  1. commonweeder says:

    You must have a big parade. Here the Hat and Gloves parade is at 8 am, modest in every sense. It is called the hat and glove parade because those are the only parts of their uniforms our vets can still wear.

  2. H. Mikael says:

    I visited a friend in Takoma Park once and I found that place extremely quaint and filled with ultra-friendly people … unusual for being so close to Washington DC.

  3. Margit VanSchaick says:

    Thank you for posting these colorful, fun-filled photos! I feel like

    I attended all these wonderful get-togethers. Reminds me of the time I lived in the Old West End in Toledo, Ohio. Wonderful houses and a real neighborhood. These photos exude Summer happiness—-

  4. Sandra Knauf says:

    Love it. The people look very relaxed, happy and friendly and the homes are SO architecturally interesting. The quintessential cottage style garden in the last picture rocks!

  5. Perfect. What a great example how yards can bring people together.

  6. Deirdre says:

    I WANT that third house!

  7. Town Mouse says:

    Great photos! Now, I’d like to disagree regarding the no-lawn front garden. My front garden has a seating area and enough open space – covered with the dreaded bark mulch – to add at least 10 more chairs. It all depends on how much you plant and how much you water….

  8. Laura says:

    Wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I got excited to see all of the parties and felt like I was sharing in the joy. I also enjoyed the celebration of independence from traditional yards illustrated by these photos!

  9. Michelle D says:

    Look at how nice and welcoming the homes with front lawn suited the public. This must be why lawns in context and proportion can be considered a rather pleasant landscaping element.
    who would da thunk ?