Another specialty of the great NW

Astrantia is an interesting plant that can be an underachiever in many gardens, but this white variety loves it here.

(Final day of mobile posting from our Seattle bloggers’ marathon. Today: Bainbridge.)


Another specialty of the great NW

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4 responses to “Another specialty of the great NW”

  1. tibs says:

    what is the darkd green plant in the upper right hand corner of photo? At first I thought it was English Ivy but I know that no good gardener would plant that in the PNW. The Astrantia is great too, I like those leaves.

  2. Frank Hyman says:

    The coastal PNW has similar climate and soils to northwestern Europe. Mostly because they have similar ocean currents offshore.

    So that’s one place that all those English gardening books won’t disappoint US gardeners so much! 🙂

  3. Eileen says:

    I would love to hear more about this Seattle Blogger’s Marathon. I live just across the bridge from Bainbridge on the Kitsap Peninsula and am always looking for gardening info. specific to the PNW.

  4. I have had astrantia in my garden for about 9 years and the white variety has reached a height of 4′ feet. It blooms all summer for me and if you dead head it late in the season it will continue to bloom through the fall. The pink variety is about 2-3′ feet tall but the leaves turn a little yellow. I am now getting some that have cross pollinated with the white variety and has a soft pink flower, and is taller than M. Roma, the parent plant. Not too wild about the red one called M. Claret. It’s the first to bloom, but looks burnt out by July. Astrantia Major Lars is one of my favorite perennials and just keeps on blooming.