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A green roof with a view


I spotted this in Lake Placid last week. It's prominently placed on a building owned by the Golden Arrow hotel and there's a sign installed near the sidewalk that explains it to visitors. Keep in mind that it is relatively early in the season this far north, so the plantings are not quite filled out. It overlooks Mirror Lake. (Oddly enough, the village of Lake Placid is not built around the actual Lake Placid.)

Just one of many examples of smart gardening I saw in this lovely town.

Posted by on July 2, 2011 at 5:00 am, in the category Gardening on the Planet, Real Gardens.
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7 responses to “A green roof with a view”

  1. Donna says:

    Green roofs have been around a long time (I remember way back to architecture school learning about them), but it seems as if they are more recently coming into vogue. They seem to be more rare in our cold climate area due to the excessive temperature fluctuation as a result of the heat generating/holding capacity of building materials and structural load carrying capacity. It is good to see them being installed and I would be interested to see them in bloom. Most interested in the plants being used to endure the conditions.

  2. UrsulaV says:

    Very nice roof! I wish there were more!

  3. Dave says:

    Green roofs are popular in Asian cities. In Bangkok the multi-story parking garages near my hotel had flower boxes built into the outside walls on each parking floor giving the building a nice striped look. Many of the larger hotels have small parks on an upper floor for the guests to relax in.

  4. Sandra Knauf says:

    It’s beautiful.

  5. Very nice. We are so behind on this…

  6. greg draiss says:

    good to see a tundra roof growing in the tundra of the great white north

  7. Lu says:

    It’s nice and pretty but very impractical.
    Green roof requires more-less flat roof surface. Lake Placid, NY gets more than 8 feet of snow every winter. A flat roof under these conditions is a recipe for disaster. Not only the weight of the snow is substantial but the roof will have serious leak problems.