Shut Up and Dig

As summer begins, 5 randoms:


1. Clouds of mosquitoes rise across the Northeast and all the other regions that got soaked this spring. Time to pull out all my organic, all-natural repellants—sent by various companies last summer—and see if they work.

2. Luxuriant green growth is one of the benefits of all this rain, but I am concerned that it may be accompanied by moisture-related problems. Will my husband’s tomatoes survive and thrive? Stay tuned.

3. A National Gardening Association spokesperson calls upon the Lord in this statement from a recent AP article: "A lot of folks, I think they kind of look at the evening news or read the paper or read something online, saying 'Jesus, this world is out of control and I can't have any influence on what happens out there but, by God, I can control what happens in my backyard.'"

I am not totally sure that the recession has provided that great a benefit for local gardening centers. Fewer people building or buying houses must mean fewer starting gardens.


4. On the bright side:  judging by the roses of June (other than these, most of my blooming action happens mid-summer), it will be a colorful summer. All of the martagons are about to pop and it looks like a big crop of later-season lilies will follow. Lily beetle, stay away!

5. After a tentative start last summer, Buffalo is instituting what must be one of the few traditional UK-style Open Garden programs, complete this year with a guidebook. Unlike the Garden Conservatory’s Open Days program, there is no charge and the gardens are open every Thursday or Friday (at stated times) for 5 weeks.

There are 66 gardens open, and people are traveling here to see them—I got an enquiry from a couple who is staying a week just for the Open Gardens (not for Garden Walk) the other day. It will be interesting. Again, stay tuned.

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5 responses to “As summer begins, 5 randoms:”

  1. wendy says:

    I hope you share your mosquito repellant findings. I use Skin-So-Soft myself and it works well. 🙂

  2. tropaeolum says:

    I’ve been wanting to organize open days here for a long time.

    Elizabeth, were there any particular resources that helped your organize the Buffalo open garden program? Any tips on how to organize people and resources?

  3. Deirdre says:

    ‘Jesus, this world is out of control and I can’t have any influence on what happens out there but, by God, I can control what happens in my backyard.'”

    Good luck with that! Real gardeners know that’s not true.

  4. Shrublover says:

    Will look forward to the natural repellent report. My trial in that area didn’t repel a thing!
    Garden centers may be selling less overall, but the demand for food plants from backyard nurseries has gone up.

  5. Susan says:

    Elizabeth, that’s awesome! I did not know that Buffalo was doing this. Very interested to hear more – sounds like it would be well worth the drive from Rochester!