Felder Rushing’s ‘Gestalt Gardener’ is a fun listen


A gardening podcast that I enjoy and have been meaning to recommend is by someone long known to readers of gardening books -  the inimitable Felder Rushing.  It's called The Gestalt Gardener and it's produced by Mississippi Public Radio. 

Don't worry about it being as all NPR-ish, though.  It's Felder at his folksiest – pretty damn folksy, given his Southern accent and laid-back attitudes all-round – with lots of listeners calling in and Felder dishing out his super-local advice.  I enjoy the Q&A no matter how irrelevant it may be in my own climate.

Nowadays Felder is gardening not just in Mississippi but also in England, and spends lots of time with gardeners and cooks in Italy, yet manages to tell his listeners about all that without seeming pretentious in the least.

Felder's a lot of fun to chat with, as I did for the April 22 episode of the show, starting at 13:25Felder2 minutes.  We covered GardenRant, Lawn Reform, and my supposed close relationship with the White House gardener.

Can I just take back one thing I said?  That because GardenRant has writers in Maryland, New York and California, that we "have the country covered," which I imagine pissed off listeners in, oh, about 47 states.

For a good time also visit Felder's website where you'll have your mind blown by his front yard  and see Felder's "cheesy" side in evidence everywhere. 

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3 responses to “Felder Rushing’s ‘Gestalt Gardener’ is a fun listen”

  1. Felder is a great model for how to answer gardeners’ questions. He listens hard. Respects what they know. And tries to communicate principles and a range of options and their implications along with the answer. Anyone who has to answer gardeners’ questions should listen and learn.

    I haven’t listened in a few years. (Most of the specific advice isn’t very helpful in the cold north woods.) But when I did, I found it entertaining as well as informative.

  2. greg draiss says:

    Sounds like fun. There is a garden show on NPR that sounds like This American Life which turns out to be very NPRish and pretentious
    The TROLL

  3. Vera says:

    I love me some Felder! I don’t know what I’d do without him.

    I live in Memphis, TN and have to podcast him. I wish we could duplicate him here. He’s also really good with replying to emails. Very personable and knowledgeable. And what is WITH some of you kids who think of us as just “flyover” land? Boo hoo. but thank you for taking it back and I’m sure it wasn’t an intentional thing.