Better to be a White House gardener/beekeeper than the full-time pastry chef?

YossesNYT I've gone all happy over the wedding announcements of gay Boomers, including Bill Yosses, who happens to be the "executive pastry chef" at the White House.  But on this blog we're all about gardening, so hold on – there IS a connection.

According to the Times, Yosses was tapped for the White House job by Laura Bush in 2007, and in 2009 heard his new boss Michelle Obama saying that “desserts would be rare at family meals and that portions would be scaled down.  And with her emphasis on healthy eating, his responsibilities broadened to included beekeeping and tending the White House Garden.”  Love it!

Photo by Anthony Jalandoni, which I’m assuming is kosher to use because it was released with their wedding announcement.

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3 responses to “Better to be a White House gardener/beekeeper than the full-time pastry chef?”

  1. wendy says:

    I read this, too, today and thought that was a great promotion. 🙂

  2. anne says:

    How great that he can now tend the honey-makers; I wonder if he’s specialized in honey-based pastries since tending the hives?

    Best of wishes to the happy couple!

  3. Lisa, Ontario says:

    I thought that he was going to come up with healthy, fruit based desserts. But I’m pretty sure he did that too, as well as now getting to go into the garden.