That’s It! I Am Moving To Portland

Snow iris

Here are some lovely iris histroides 'George', the first flowers of the year, up in Saratoga Springs, NY incredibly enough, at the same time as the snowdrops.

I first spotted them yesterday.  Today, they are being buried in wet snow.  Discouraging does not begin to describe it.

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18 responses to “That’s It! I Am Moving To Portland”

  1. Lisa, Ontario says:

    I feel terrible for all of you who had snow today. I know that I would probably cry for a while if everything gets covered up again here. We all want to get out in the garden, but it just isn’t letting up this year.

    Stay calm, carry on.

  2. Susan says:

    I feel your pain, Michele. We had 6″ of soaking wet snow last week, and it obliterated my winter aconites and crocus that had bloomed. More crocus and a couple of aconites have since come out, but it honks me off anyway! Along these lines, I came across a great quote yesterday that I think pretty well encapsulates how everyone is feeling about the winter of 2011. “There seems to be so much more winter than we need this year.” – Kathleen Norris

  3. shira says:

    Can we be neighbors?
    This is about the tenth time I’ve asked my husband if there is another office he can be transferred to. I’ve had it!

  4. Say it isn’t so…Surely there’s somewhere else besides Portland…..

  5. Relax. The iris will be fine. The snowdrops won’t mind it a bit. You’re not even in the danger zone of spring yet. I just got half an inch of snow and 27 degrees at the peak of the Bulbapaloozathon. All I’m worried about is broken daffodil stems.

  6. Kaviani says:

    That really does suck. And I was all worried about the 44* low and my potted cayenne pepper I left outside.

  7. anne says:

    Before you get all excited about Portland, you should know that 2 days ago was the first day this year to reach 60 degrees–a record (usually they hit 60 degrees at last once by mid-February). Record-setting rain, too…another late Spring, like last year. I’m trying to see it as a gift–more time to get things ready.

  8. tibs says:

    It has been in the teens every night. It snowed the other day. But – all the perrenials just keep getting taller and taller and the cold doesn’t even phase them. The birds are going crazy. And the damn weeds keep growing too.

  9. Threeongrove says:

    Portland rocks. We moved here this fall, and the gardening opportunities are awesome, as well as being just an awesome place to live. Yes, we have had record rain and low temps this year, but it sure beats 8 months of winter we had in central Oregon! : )

  10. Laura Bell says:

    Here on the outskirts of Sacramento I planted tomatoes yesterday. My blueberries, Asian pear, & cherry are blooming like gangbusters.

    Not to rub it in or anything. We also have lots of vacant houses right now & a pretty strong gardening community. You’d be most welcome here. And if you want to see snow, you put the kids/dogs/skis in the Subaru & drive up for a visit.

  11. Gene says:

    These are EXACTLY the posts I need to see. Too often I’m discouraged by people gardening in higher zones because I cannot relate at all. But this? I can relate. Six months of winter is simply 3 months too long. And for anyone with more than 6 months, I just don’t know how you do it. In addition to snow, the freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw is brutal, just brutal.

    If I could encase my .2 acre plot under a clear plastic bubble, i would. BioDomeII, here i come…

  12. Kate says:

    Snowing here in VT, too, but our yard still had at least a foot of covering on it before today, so a long ways from snowdrops yet (or crocus, iris, or anything else) When I commented this morning on how beautiful it was, my husband warned me not to say that out loud in public today!

  13. How about San Diego, Santa Barbara or… Los Angeles? It was 85 today in Southern California 🙂

  14. Gail says:

    Don’t feel so sad as my yard is still 90% covered with the snow from last weeks storm and it isn’t melting in a hurry either. (sigh)

  15. runs2maintain says:

    7″ here. My crocuses, snowdrops and hellebores are all blooming through the snow. Those iris certainly are living up to the term hardy.

  16. commonweeder says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t get photos of my snowdrops and the 5 blossoms on my 8 inch tall witch hazel yesterday because they are covered with snow again this am.

  17. Lisa, Ontario says:

    Yup, more snow yesterday. UGGGGG. But today it is raining, supposed to hit 15 (celcius). Maybe all the snow will leave again,….please?

  18. Oh, I am so glad to hear that I’m not alone! It just about kills me to read gardening blogs from the south at this time of year. Here in my corner of Montana, it’s not really spring until May.